Family Kilimanjaro trek in Tanzania

£4000To£5500 excluding flights
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10 Days
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All prices are per person, based on a family of 4.
The exact itinerary will be tailored and the price may fluctuate, depending on hotels and activities.
Discounts are available for children, depending on their age and room configuration.
No min age.
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Description of Family Kilimanjaro trek in Tanzania

The highest freestanding mountain in the world, the dormant volcanic Mount Kilimanjaro is mysterious and iconic. Within reach for adventurous families, you will be guided by our expertise and experience at arranging a successful and safe trek to the top for all the family.

The fastest ever ascent and descent of Mt Kilimanjaro was 6 hours and 42 minutes. We will be doing it slightly slower than this! In fact, we deliberately follow a slow and steady route taking quite a long time ascending the mountain. This gives everyone in your group time to properly acclimatise, minimising the impact of altitude sickness and thereby maximising the chance of summiting. The result is a more enjoyable climb with the best possible summit success rate.

The Lemosho Route is truly picturesque and unspoilt with the possibility of sighting wild game along the forest section. This route is a superior option for families seeking a quieter route away from the crowds for the first two days trekking.

The Lemosho route takes us from the Forest, Big tree, Shira Plateau to the rarely visited Moir Hut, onwards to Lava Tower before descending to Barranco Camp. We ascend the Great Barranco Wall, a challenging and exhilarating rock scramble and approach Uhuru Summit from Barafu or Kossovo Camp and the ridge that abuts the Southeast Valley. The climb from Barafu offers incredible views of Mawenzi Peak and Kilimanjaro’s remnant volcanic cone.

After stopping for our summit photos, we continue past the summit and stop to the West of the summit to view the magnificent vistas of the Western Breach and Shira Plateau before descending down.

Our locally owned and ethically run operation will provide detailed and helpful guidelines on best camping practice for the environment, and employs exclusively local staff thereby boosting the economy and providing employment.

This trek is suitable for children aged 12 and over, though younger children are considered on an individual basis - please contact us to discuss.

Price information

£4000To£5500 excluding flights
Convert currency:
All prices are per person, based on a family of 4.
The exact itinerary will be tailored and the price may fluctuate, depending on hotels and activities.
Discounts are available for children, depending on their age and room configuration.
No min age.
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This trip can be tailor made throughout the year to suit your requirements

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Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) holiday so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


Our tours in Tanzania are run in conjunction with a locally owned and based partner who shares our environmental goals and commitment to operate in a responsible manner. There are many fragile eco-systems in Tanzania and our safari guides and drivers provide advice on how to behave to ensure that any negative impact is prevented and to uphold these values on ecologically sustainable treks and safaris.

For example, on our Kilimanjaro treks we are committed to offering “green” treks and “leave no trace” principles of mountain ethics and removing all our waste from campsites, including human waste from higher campsites where waste does not break down.

Here are our other commitments in that area:
No campfires
All human waste is removed using Clean Mountain Cans
Utilise environmentally friendly Restop Urine Bags along the trek for responsible disposal in general waste containers
Rechargeable batteries for all lighting and communication devices
Clean all mountain and safari camps and take out more than we produce
Employing local tribesman and woman indigenous to Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Meru
Purchase local sustainably grown vegetables and fruits from farmers on the mountain slopes

Our UK office is run as environmentally as possible. The majority of our staff either walk or cycle to work and we operate a primarily paper free environment. We do not produce brochures (which often leads to a lot of waste) but market our tours exclusively on the internet.


Our local partner has a strong commitment to sharing expertise with Tanzania's indigenous population through access to employment, training, quality living wage and improved living conditions. Labour and consumables are all sourced locally in order to ensure a sustainable and localized business.

We update equipment regularly to maintain the highest standards of customer standards and care, offer a quality menu and ensure that we meet the highest safety standards with no compromise on client or crew safety.

On our Kilimanjaro we ensure that all of our team members are treated fairly with respect and dignity, well clothed, equipped and paid a decent living wage that surpasses the majority of companies offering treks on Kilimanjaro. Guides and porters want to work with our local partner for these reasons and their excitement, enthusiasm and commitment to the company flow into the way they perform their duties, interact with customers and portray a quality, positive company image.

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