Gap year volunteering in India

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Responsible tourism: Gap year volunteering in India


Water management
Since Jaipur city is surrounded by the vast desert region of Rajasthan state in India, water is always a scarcity for most inhabitants. We normally source underground water which is used in a very budgeted manner. Drinking water is processed by reverse osmosis filters and its by-product water is used for cleaning floors and buildings. Bathroom flushes and kitchen use special fittings that reduce wastage. Recently new initiatives such as Rain water harvesting are also being promoted by the local government and we are in process of installing the same. We encourage to plant trees and other vegetation in our area that consumes less water and all plants in the vicinity of our area are watered only at night to prevent evaporation. We have underground tanks for water storage that prevents evaporation in summer months. Our kitchen does not use dishwashers and all utensils are hand washed with low foam. Moreover water extract from our refrigerant based air conditioners in rooms are used to water indoor plants.

Waste Management
In India nothing goes to waste and almost everything is recycled. As per govt. initiatives we no longer use plastic bags, packets for shopping and purchases. All old newspapers, plastic materials, cardboards, bottles that are no longer needed are safety disposed and recycled via door to door private agents. Some of the vegetable waste is converted to compost in sand pits which are later used for gardening etc. We have also started to replace our indoor lighting systems from mercury based Fluorescent Lights to LED which now last 10 times more, further reducing the frequency is replacement, wastage and environment pollution. We totally discourage cola cans and plastic bottles and encourage the use of reusable glass bottles that do not pollute the environment. In our school we optimize the use of paper and products and wastage prevented by educating children right from the start. Recently e-waste has also been a big cause of pollution which we have also addressed and always dispose the same with proper govt. agencies.


Friends & Neighbour
Sankalp as an organization supports a variety of small business and provides employment especially to people whom children are being educated by us. Right from transport to volunteer locations to cooking and household work many people benefit from the volunteers that come to our place. Local tour guides and craftsmen now have stable incomes that are generated by the volunteers by tourism to the city.

Volunteering Charity
Our organization is registered as non profit and promotes sponsorship for its orphanage children. We support underprivileged orphanage children so they can get educated in good schools and be self sufficient in their future lives. Our various volunteers also sponsor these children for their education and are regularly updated on their well being. The organization helps the children in their school fees, books, clothes and other items that they require for successful schooling. Since charity begins at home, we have created a small kindergarten school for children whose parents do not have funds to teach their children.

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