Ecuador holidays, tailor made

“A two week, tailor made holiday in Ecuador with a typical Ecuadorian mix of volcanoes, colonial towns, indigenous cultures as well as Andean wonders. All easily accessible in a relatively small country. ”


Quito | Otavalo | Andes Mountains | Intag local community | Cotopaxi National Park | Quilotoa | Chimborazo | Incapirca | Cuenca | Ranch and hacienda stay | Guayaquil

Description of Ecuador holidays, tailor made

Ecuador holidays are a real eye opener as you can pack so much into two weeks, for example. This tailor made itinerary aims to bring you to many of the country’s cultural and natural highlights, with the help of expert local guides.

Starting in the capital city of Quito, this is a dramatic and stunning opening to your adventure, with its location between volcanic peaks, an elegant colonial old town with a vibrant contemporary arts and café scene. From here, you will be transferred to the contrasting town of Otavalo, celebrated for its Quichua culture and heritage and where the colourful market is a brilliant place to observe traditional lifestyles and also buy artisanal wares.

Your next stop is Intag, an Andean village where you can see traditional rural life going on all around you. Landscape informs everything in Ecuador and no better place to see that than in Cotopaxi National Park, with its eponymous volcano, one of the world’s highest and active volcanoes. We can arrange hiking expeditions to explore the park’s many volcanic features such as crater lakes, geysers and hot springs.

Heading south, your next stop is Cuenca, stopping en route at the Incan site of Incapirca. This is the most important and best preserved archaeological Inca complex in Ecuador, part of the original Inca Trail that stretched up through South America. The city of Cuenca is also a well preserved site, and has therefore been awarded UNESCO World Heritage Status. Considered to be one of the finest cities in South America in terms of colonial architecture, enjoy strolling around its white washed buildings, fascinating museums and cobbled streets.

The valleys surrounding Cuenca are a wonderful spot to spend one more night in this region, as is a working ranch en route to Guayaquil, the final stop on this itinerary, where you can catch a flight back to Quito. Or, as this is a tailor made itinerary, we can discuss options for you to travel on to the Pacific coast or the Galapagos Islands, as Guayaquil is the gateway port town.

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Departure information

This trip can be tailor made throughout the year to suit your requirements

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Ecuador holidays, tailor made


On this trip we include a stay in the Hacienda Rodeo Grande. This property has been credited with certificate ISO 14000, due to its care of the environment, and adapted treatment and recycling of the water, to avoid contamination. The extensive land allows the farm to coexist with abundant wildlife, that includes several types of birds, sloths, squirrels, turtles and snakes.

Our travellers are given full briefings by our local guides as to how best to minimise their impact upon the environment, including disposing of litter properly and not damaging plants.

To ensure that our groups have minimal impact upon the environment we work with our local team to ensure that all guides and drivers receive extensive training on sustainability policies, from not dropping litter (which unfortunately is commonplace here), to ensuring that natural habitats are respected when trekking or exploring the countryside. We also work with hotels and accommodation providers to offer guidelines on how best to have a low impact upon the environment, from water and electricity conservation to responsible methods of waste disposal.

In our UK office we recycle extensively, from paper and envelopes to ink cartridges, plastic bottles and food packaging, with dedicated recycling bins. We minimise our use of electricity by turning off appliances and using energy efficient lightbulbs, and our toilets use reduced water cisterns to minimise our use of water


We are careful not to disrupt the traditional way of life of the indigenous groups that we visit, most of whom retain strong traditions and have not always fully embraced the modern world. As a way to say thank you for allowing us to visit, we encourage our travellers to bring traditional gifts such as sugar and tea. We give gifts to the elders of the villages who will then ensure that these are distributed appropriately, rather than just giving them to individuals, which can cause problems, jealousy and fights within small communities. These are very traditional areas wth certain codes of behaviour and the people here are not always that accustomed to outsiders. We ensure that our travellers are appropriately briefed in order not to offend local sensibilities.

We encourage our travellers to purchase local goods from smaller vendors in order to support the local economy rather than just buying from large tourist souvenir emporiums.

We use local guides throughout the trip rather than one guide accompanying the trip from Quito, which helps to ensure that smaller communities are able to benefit from tourist income.

We tend to avoid including meals on our itineraries, and encourage people to get out of the hotels and spread their spending among local businesses, again meaning that the benefits are spread a bit more equitably.

We visit a number of historic sites on this itinerary, and the entrance fees that we pay here place a vital role in ensuring that their heritage is maintained for generations to come.

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