Laos tailor made holidays

“Two week tailor made tour of Laos inviting insights into Buddhism, rural lifestyles and French colonial heritage. Venture overland for town, temple and jungle experiences on foot and by boat.”


Vientiane | Vang Vieng | Tham Xang Buddhist temple | Tham Hoi and Tham Loup caves | Xieng Khouang | Plain of Jars | Visit the Lone Buffalo Children's Foundation | Xieng Khouang | Hintang standing stones | Vieng Say | Xam River market | Vieng Thong | Son Koua village | Nam Et-Phou Louey jungle | Boat ride on Nam Ou River | Pak Ou caves | 3 days in Luang Prabang |

Description of Laos tailor made holidays

This 16 day tailor made tour of Laos lets travellers unearth one of Southeast Asia's best kept secrets at a pace that suits them. Laos has an easy going, laid back style with French colonial heritage in evidence everywhere from Vientiane to Luang Prabang.

Coffee and baguettes aside, Laos also allows travellers to learn more about Buddhism as well as the lifestyles of every day folk with visits to the Pak Ou Caves, overlooking the Mekong River, unveiling the country's deep devotion to spirituality one deity at a time.

Other captivating sites, such as the Xieng Khouan Buddha Park and the Plain of Jars, provide ample opportunities for photographs in addition to marvelling at how some of Asia's poorest can also be some of the proudest. Laos smiles are truly testament to simplicity over complexity.

Travelling way off the beaten track turns this holiday in Laos into a really unique experience with karst landscapes and the forested slopes of Nam Et-Phou Louey allowing all manner of wildlife watching both on foot and by boat on the Nam Nern River.

From the natural beauty of the Nam Ou waterfalls to the stylish elegance and ornate temples of Luang Prabang, time spent in Laos is certain to be time well spent.

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Departure information

This trip can be tailor made throughout the year to suit your requirements

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Laos tailor made holidays


The main focus of this tour is cultural, but there are a number of different ways in which we try to do our bit for the environment. We work closely with our local partners to help educate local accommodation providers about the need to minimise their environmental impact, from reducing water usage to buying and using local produce and waste disposal. We actively prioritise using accommodation which seeks to be more environmentally friendly Ė this isnít always at the forefront of tourism in some areas but we hope that by encouraging hotels and lodges in this way, we can have an impact on how tourism continue to develop here.

Asia is a land with an incredible amount of unique wildlife; unfortunately very little of this receives effective protection. We strongly discourage our travellers from buying any wildlife associated souvenirs, which can be a problem in more remote parts of the country.

As part of the pre-departure information which all travellers receive, we include an extensive section on how to travel responsibly.

In our UK office we recycle extensively, from paper and envelopes to ink cartridges, plastic bottles and food packaging, with dedicated recycling bins. We minimise our use of electricity by turning off appliances and using energy efficient lightbulbs, and our toilets use reduced water cisterns to minimise our use of water


We only ever use local tour leaders and guides on our trips; not only does this mean that travellers get local insights that they might not get from a westerner, but it means that the communities we travel through benefit directly from the presence of tourism. This doesn't mean a Laos guide from start to finish, but guides from the various places visited on the itinerary, ensuring that it really does filter down to that micro-level.

We tend to avoid including meals on our itineraries, and encourage people to get out of the hotels and spread their spending among local businesses, again meaning that the benefits are spread a bit more equitably.

We visit a number of temples and religious sites on this itinerary, which hold great significance for local people. Travellers are fully briefed on appropriate dress and behaviour so as not to offend the cultures through which they are travelling.

We visit a community based tourism project, helping to ensure that income from tourism reaches some of the smaller communities of the island. We make an effort to stop at small villages along the way to gain further insights into local culture. These are carefully selected to ensure that our presence is welcome, rather than obtrusive, and we discuss with local elders how best to show our appreciation in terms of appropriate donations.

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