Romania holiday, trekking and culture in Maramures

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Romania holiday, trekking and culture in Maramures


Hiking is promoted in the mountainous area of Maramures to reduce impact to local villages and their landscape. Hiking is a low impact form of tourism, without use of a vehicle and combustion engine therefore reducing wildlife disturbance through noise pollution, soil erosion and habitat destruction from wheel based transport, and reduced carbon emissions by the use of an engine and therefore limited tourism's contribution to climate change. We have designed the itinerary to reduce road transportation and therefore less carbon emissions from engine use.

Guesthouses source local and organic food from nearby farmers ensuring that food miles (the distance food has to travel from source to plate) is reduced and therefore reducing carbon emission from engine use. Our guides and guesthouse partners encourage recycling and ensure the correct disposal of litter. Our partners are a member of Romania Ecotourism Association with whom they support the development of ecotourism, sustainable development and environmental initiatives (such as tree planting and habitat restoration) across Romania.


Throughout our travellers stay at guesthouses in rural areas, owned by families, bringing tourism expenditure and income to communities which have limited employment or entrepreneurial activities. The experience provides a genuine exchange of history and traditions between visitors and local communities by joining them in Easter festival celebrations and feasts, living in their homes as invited guests. All food provided to guests is local, organic farmhouse produce, providing further income for suppliers to tourism related businesses therefore reducing leakage of expenditure out of the local economy and benefiting the local community as much as possible.

We offer visits to artisan producers including a hat maker, rug makers, and woodcarver en route to ensure that local traditions and skills are preserved by a providing an income through tourism and providing visitors the opportunity to purchase products. Guides and local suppliers agree to ensure that employees are fairly paid and agree on an ethical code of conduct.

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