Brazil & Argentina luxury holiday, wildlife & nature

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Brazil & Argentina luxury holiday, wildlife & nature


Bonito is a world leader in Eco Tourism. The entire town is dedicated to the preservation and sustainability of this beautiful area, and rules and regulations are enforced to ensure it's preservation.

Our choice of accommodation in Bonito, Aguas de Bonito hotel, is no exception to the rules. With a long list of policies which it adheres to, there is no denying that it fits perfectly with the aims of responsible tourism. It recycles everything from plastics and paper, to water and waste food - which it then composts to create a fertilizer that is used in it's gardens! The frequent sunshine here is not wasted either - with solar panels in use to heat the water and swimming pool.

Pre-Trip Notes: Prior to travel we send all clients a trip dossier which is a detailed set of trip notes which not only include an in depth overview of their holiday but which also give responsible travel guidelines.

On Trip Advice: Whilst on tour our local guides are on hand to provide relevant advice on how to behave in an appropriate and responsible manner including recycling practices.

Social and Environmental Projects: Our primary focus is on social rather than environmental projects as these are more prevalent in Brazil and elsewhere in South America such as the Morrinho favela project which we encourage clients to visit when on holiday in Rio de Janeiro.


The Pé da Serra Social Project

Aguas de Bonito hotel supports it's local community alongside the environment. The hotel donates fruits grown in it's own gardens - which are fertilised by the waste it composts - to the Pé da Serra project. This includes blackberries, mangoes and other native plants. The fruit are used by people within the project to create artisanal jams, spreads, preserves and jellies. These items are then sold in shops and sold to restaurants (including back at the hotel!).

The vast majority of our tailor-made itineraries utilise tourist guides to take our clients around important sites. These guides are always local, without exception. Our experience is that our clients greatly enjoy the insight into the local culture and way of life that can be provided by a local guide, and this directly benefits the local economy as well.

When selecting hotels we generally look for smaller establishments that are locally owned, rather than large international chain hotels. This not only ensures that money stays within the local community but also usually provides a better experience for our clients. Smaller establishments often provide a level of service that is not often replicated in larger properties. In addition the staff and suppliers for smaller locally owned hotels are almost always from within the country concerned which retains tourist wealth. We also prefer to recommend hotels which do not negatively impact on their environment. Brazil, despite its flourishing economy, is still very much a developing country in terms of tourism, however there are a number of hotels at the forefront of sustainability projects creating environmentally low impact properties which mould into their surroundings. Our hotel for this trip, Aguas de Bonito, adheres to strict environmental guidelines and employs local people, benefiting both the environment and community.

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