Walking & food holiday in Greece, Karpathos Island

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Walking & food holiday in Greece, Karpathos Island


We provide information about, and interpretation of the natural surroundings to travellers, as well as explaining appropriate behaviour while visiting natural areas. Your local guides are environmentalists and publish on wildlife, especially on flora of the island. You learn about its many species and many endemic species!

We engage in a day of olive packing whilst on the trip. We make sure not to disturb the environment, and not to pick any endangered species. Purchasing policies favour locally appropriate and ecologically sustainable products, including building materials, capital goods, food, beverages and consumables. This trip promotes locally-produced and home-made products such as liquor, honey, herbs, fruits, vegetables and mushrooms.

The traditional mansion in Olympos is built with local materials (stone and wood) and uses traditional bioclimatic design principles and features such as natural cross ventilation, thick walls and small windows, allowing for less energy use. The purchase and use of disposable and consumable goods is measured and the organization actively searches for ways to reduce our use. We facilitate and recommended the following transportation methods in this region: walking, and transportation by bus! Ask us for more info on this.

Carbon Offsetting-we collaborate with a carbon offsetting company and if you wish to offset this trip we are happy to assist you!


The entire holiday package is all about respecting and preserving the rich traditions, customs and old professions of this island that is well-known for its folklore. Your local walking guides, hotel-owners and activity providers are all local residents and this means that a large part of the profit supports the local communities. You stay in small, family-owned accommodation. This is walking at a leisurely pace combined with locally initiated activities, meaning there is a lot of interactions with the locals. There is certainly no mass-tourism that we will encounter. For the organizers of this trip “Celebrating a Diversity of Place & Culture” is a core issue.

Information about and interpretation of the local culture, and cultural heritage is provided to travelers by introducing people to the reality of life in a traditional Karapthos village. We explain the local customs; we discuss historical and local stories. The traditional cooking class is included and promotes local traditional recipes and a very rich culinary heritage. Local services and goods are purchased and offered throughout the trip.

We support local small entrepreneurs to help develop and sell sustainable products that are based on the area’s nature, history and culture (including food and beverages, crafts, performance arts, agricultural products, etc.)/ This trip is all about local culture. Local restaurants in this village serve mainly locally produced food. Also the activities are organized with small local entrepreneurs.

This is an example of community based tourism, where you directly support local tourism providers, thus minimizing “leakage” from the local economy.

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