Banyan Tree Seychelles and Dubai holiday

“A luxurious holiday that first uncovers Dubai’s heritage and then bombards you with bliss in the Seychelles, where you stay at a truly divine hotel.”


Free day in Dubai | sundowner dune safari | guided half day City of Merchants tour | Mahe, Seychelles | week at the Banyan Tree hotel | optional: nature walk, cycling, boat trips, snorkelling, windsurfing, catamaran hire | explore Victoria, Beau Vallon Bay, Port Launay, St Anne Island

Description of Banyan Tree Seychelles and Dubai holiday

Enjoy a luxurious two centre escape on this Banyan Tree Seychelles and Dubai holiday, with three nights in Dubai, and seven nights on the beautiful island of Mahe.

Discover the contrasting sides to the city of Dubai on a guided tour to old Dubai, discovering heritage districts and old forts, before travelling to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve for some traditional Arabian entertainment. See the sun set over the dunes from the comfort of a Bedouin tent, enjoy a camel ride and admire the night sky.

Next, transfer to the Seychelles. There are 115 granite and coral islands making up the Seychelles, but only 30 of them are inhabited. The remaining islands are home to terns, tropicbirds, fruit bats and turtles.

You’ll be staying in one of the world’s most exclusive and elegant hotels, the Banyan Tree on Mahe. Villas are tucked into the hillside amongst a lush tropical landscape, each with its own plunge pool and wonderful views of the sea. There is a beautiful infinity pool here, too, three restaurants and a spa with a range of signature treatments.

Staff are always ready to organise personal activities and experiences for you, from private dining to cooking courses, or you might like to visit the spice gardens, botanical gardens or take a boat trip. There are plenty of coral reefs to snorkel over, busy with tropical fish, and white sand beaches to laze on. You can hire a car or bikes to see more of the island, too. Everywhere you look are the pale blue skies, smooth boulders and brilliant turquoise waters that are so typical of the Seychelles, the emerald jewels scattered through the Indian Ocean.

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Banyan Tree Seychelles and Dubai holiday


Because the marine life is superb, but so fragile, we would like to advise that you never buy shells, corals, or other marine curios. Never touch coral when snorkelling or diving. Appreciate the rich coral life and superb tropical fish, but leave them exactly the way you found them, that others following might do the same.

Banyan Tree is involved in a number of conservation projects, including being in the process of obtaining EarthCheck certification. The hotel is partnered with the Marine Conservation Society of the Seychelles, and actively supports whale shark monitoring. There is also a turtle nesting and beach monitoring programme as Banyan Tree Seychelles is a homing zone for turtles to lay eggs each year. Turtle season begins in October and ends in February, when the last nest hatches and the final baby turtle crawls to the sea safely to find life in the ocean.

Banyan Tree is also partnered with a local school to grow an orchard on a neighbouring vacant plot of land. The orchard provides children with a hands-on learning experience of sustainable agriculture, and a source of healthy snacks. It also offers the school additional fundraising through selling fruit in the local market.

Finally, they recycle glass soft drink and beer glasses, and use organic waste for gardening compost.

Whilst we recognise that a vital element of any holiday is relaxation, we do try to encourage our clients to be aware of the impact they have on their destinations. For each booking, we provide notes on cultural sensitivities and our local guides brief our clients upon their arrival. We hope this will help to ensure the sustainability of our destinations and improve the quality of our clients' overall experience.

Ethical considerations are also part of our research and development process and we encourage feedback on our practices. Clients are asked to comment and make suggestions on our responsible practices when completing their post-trip questionnaire. In addition to this, as well as visiting destination-based initiatives whilst on their educational trips, our country specialists are encouraged to help continually improve our responsible travel initiatives.


We are committed to supporting a wide number of responsible and ethical initiatives, including environmental projects, community tourism projects and education programmes. We encourage our clients to visit many of these initiatives such as wildlife sanctuaries, local schools, orphanages and co-operatives.

Through client-specific notes in our tailor-made itineraries, we continue to actively recommend restaurants, shops and other local businesses so that the community is directly benefited. Most of these have been discovered by our country specialists and include craft shops that ensure tourist money is fed back to the individuals who produce the crafts, and restaurants which train local street children.
We promote environmentally friendly tours and accommodation in a number of destinations.

We prefer, where possible, to use smaller, locally owned ground agents. Not only does this ensure that it is the host community who are managing and benefiting from the local tourist industry, but we also believe that our clients will have a better trip as local agents have a much more intimate knowledge of the region. For the same reasons as above, we always use local guides and drivers. This not only provides crucial employment and income for the local community, but also increases the authenticity of the client’s trip. In the resort itself, each villa was uniquely designed to ensure the granite rocks and trees were protected in the construction process. Of the employees, 70% are Seychellois, and the resort always looks to promote internally where possible.

We always prefer to use hotels which have environmental policies in place regarding reuse of towels and sheets, electricity and water usage.
Where available we recommend our clients stay in ethically responsible accommodation, such as eco-lodges that aim to preserve the beauty of natural surroundings.

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