China family holiday, 15 days

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: China family holiday, 15 days


China’s environmental problems are well-documented. As such, we try to ensure that all elements of the itinerary take responsible tourism seriously and into practice.

We particularly encourage land arrangements where possible. The transfers between Beijing, Xi’an and Chengdu are on the bullet train, which as well as being a more environmentally conscious way to travel, also offers the chance to observe an authentic slice of the Chinese interior.

Another way in which we ensure responsible travel is through our carefully vetted visits to the Chengdu Panda Research Base. This centre – crucial to the panda’s recovery from being considered ‘Endangered Species’ to ‘Vulnerable’ according to WWF criteria – is one of the most responsible institutions. Here, though you can get close to China’s ‘ambassador’ animal, it is prohibited to take photos holding the pandas as this can prove distressing for them.

We encourage all our clients to take carbon reduction seriously and endorse Friends of Conservation’s ‘Carbon Reduction Map’ system, whereby you can calculate how much an appropriate contribution for your flight might be. Friends of Conservation offers travellers the opportunity to mitigate some of the environmental impacts of flying by supporting community and conservation initiatives.

The suggested amounts are in line with DEFRA’s current guidelines for the cost per tonne of carbon and are based on the approximate levels of CO2 emitted on an average flight. We are very grateful to TICOS, the Travel Industry Carbon Offsetting Service, for kindly providing this information.


Throughout the trip we use local guides, drivers and craftsmen to encourage a connection with the culture and people of China. The dumpling demonstration in Shanghai and the mahjong lesson in Chengdu are two such examples of this. Both offer the chance for locals to receive visitors and money directly, whilst also ensuring the provision of future employment for these communities.

Local guides are used and are paid a fair, competitive wage, and we also seek to provide a continuous stream of feedback to help them improve their service.

Responsible travel in China also hinges on showing respect for traditional values. We encourage all our clients to delve into the customs of China. Before departing, we brief our clients with cultural information and etiquette tips to help facilitate interactions with local people. We also provide a linguistic guide with useful phrases; showing even a basic understanding of Mandarin – the official language of China – will draw smiles and appreciation from local people, helping to immerse our clients further into the communities they visit.

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