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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Mexico holiday, adventure, culture & food


The tours and hotel partners are very concerned with the environment and wildlife preservation. 300 hectareas of natural forest is protected by the owners, while on the beach they are part of a turtle foundation to save them from depredation.

We encourage recycling and waste management. One of the materials used in construction was recycled plastic bottles bricks, the same as other local materials, like bamboo, river stone and wood.

Inside the hotels there are bikes available for transportation, or you may prefer walking or horse riding.

Partner hotels are very ecological, with solar panel for electricity, solar heating for water, a "bio bag" that produces gas used in kitchen and organic fertilizer through bacterias digestion. The ranch hotel has no air conditioner, only fans. As for the amennities everything is organic, bought locally from artisans, including soap, shampoo, laundry soap, and most of the groceries come from local vendor and farmers, all grown organically.


We are large supporters of the local community, as we hire only local workers, providing higher incomes than the average.

We are aware of migration and we therefore have close to 70 employes working on our projects. While in the ranch hotel you can see all native workers, with their families working now and then.

We buy local products, and encourage tourists to do so in order to improve local economy. The ranch hotel has a volunteer program wich has been working for 2 years now, where they teach English to the workers and their children after school hours.

We ensure that our trip itinerary helps put tourism money into the hands of local people. For example, we have included a visit to the town of "Cuetzalan", where 90% of the population is indigenous, and they speak their own language, have their own currency and their own customs and traditions. It's a great place to buy gifts, crafts and clothing, everything here is hand made. Lunch is bought from the local market where very exotic meals are prepared by locals.

During beach time there is the opportunity to buy locally from artisans, or support the turtle foundation. Town people are very friendly and have big hearts for welcoming guests from around the globe and we hope that our tours offer mutual benefits to travellers and the community.

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