7 day luxury Kruger safari holiday

“On this luxury tailor made safari, you’ll explore two of South Africa’s best game reserves – all the while staying in seriously plush surroundings.”


Thornybush Game Reserve | Sabi Sands Game Reserve | game drives | optional big five bush walks

Description of 7 day luxury Kruger safari holiday

This luxury Kruger safari holiday takes you to two of the best game reserves in South Africa, offering premium accommodation and game viewing. You’ll spend the first four days in Thornybush Game Reserve, before transferring to Sabi Sands for the final three days.

Thornybush is well known not only for its exceptional wildlife experiences and romantic bush atmosphere, but for its long list of celebrity clients. Your days here will involve daily morning and afternoon game drives, optional big five bush walks, and top-notch dining, including afternoon tea.

Sabi Sands Game Reserve, your next stop, is an upscale safari destination loved by wildlife enthusiasts, photographers and bird watchers alike. There is no fence between the reserve and neighbouring Kruger National Park, so wildlife roams freely between the two. The reserve is also famed for its leopard sightings. When not out on a drive, there’s time to relax by the pool, watch animals at the adjacent waterhole, or just enjoy the sounds of the bush around you.

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Departure information

This trip can be tailor made throughout the year to suit your requirements

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: 7 day luxury Kruger safari holiday


In Africa, everyone is capable of making a difference.
Our company was founded to provide funding for our work in wildlife conservation. By joining an us, guests are already helping to contribute towards our conservation work. In addition guests are afforded the opportunity to gain an insight into real African conservation work if they wish, either by observing our work or assisting our conservation team. In this way we hope guests will help to spread the message of what real African conservation is and what the needs are.

All safaris are conducted in a responsible manner with respect for the location and wildlife and include visits to the Kruger National Park and wildlife conservation centres such as the Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre. We hold an informal chat with newly arrived guests at the start of each safari. This is intended to inform guests of environmental and conservation matters associated with their safari and answer any questions or queries.

We believe that everyone is able to help make a difference towards conserving our environment. When on safari or in the bush, we operate a policy of ‘bring out what you take in’ i.e. we leave no litter or man made products behind. Game drive vehicles do not deviate from existing roads and tracks, however guided foot safaris will access game trails which cannot be reached by vehicle. When on foot, stay on the trail as deviating can cause erosion and other environmentally harmful impacts.

On this tour we ask travellers to respect wildlife. Viewing animals from a safe distance is fine. Touching, feeding, or affecting their behaviour is not. Not tot litter. Even if you see a local person littering (and you probably will), set an example and dispose of your garbage appropriately. Recycling facilities are extremely limited in South Africa. Avoid products with excess packaging; opt for beverages in glass bottles as they tend to be re-used. Use only biodegradable soaps and shampoos.

Without doubt one of the biggest issues in Africa is water conservation and preservation of this most important resource is at the top of our agenda. Our guests are able to contribute towards water conservation during their stay. For example taking showers not baths and conserving water from a reduction in the laundering of towels and linens.

We conduct administration functions in an environmentally responsible way. We aim for a paper free office and prefer to conduct our business via internet.

We strive to achieve a paperless office in the following ways:
- Encourage suppliers and our bank to use e-mail and electronic transfer.
- Maintain our own records on magnetic media.
- Use website and magnetic media as marketing tools rather than brochures.


Respect cultural differences. Local customs and traditions may be different from your own. Take the time to learn what behaviour is acceptable and what is not. Always ask permission to take photos of people and respect their wishes if they refuse. If you do take a photo, offer to send copies back to them and make sure to follow through with your promise.

Our safari staff are encouraged to develop within the company. Staff receive a reward package made up of a fair base salary, accommodation, their individual performance and that of the company. Personal development lies at the corner stone of the OTS staff policy. Individuals are encouraged to develop within the organisation to achieve their goals and where applicable to produce conservation based items for sale (100% of the proceeds going to the originator).

All of our food, bathroom and kitchen supplies are from local sources and as far as possible, we aim to use a combination of organic, fair-trade and sustainable products. In the case where a local supplier has no formal policy in place, we conduct our own assessments, which help to highlight those areas of supply which fall outside of our desired criteria and require improvement. Records of these assessments and our policy are available to all visitors on request, as part of our ‘open book’ policy.

Big five safaris are conducted in the Greater Kruger National Park and other similar reserves.

When purchasing items such as artwork, meals and souvenirs, we recommend that visitors buy locally produced goods and support local artisans. In this way, visitors are able to help sustain the local community, contribute towards conservation and enrich their own lives. During your stay there will be opportunities to purchase goods from local artists, market stalls and restaurants in keeping with the ideals of fair trade.

Both the Sabi Sands and Thornybush reserves have been conducting successful community support programs for over twenty years.

Our guides will advise on a ‘fair price’ if requested, however it is worth noting that a relatively small sum can make a huge difference to peoples lives in Africa and guests are asked to consider this when bargaining with market stallholders. Do not buy products that exploit wildlife, aid in habitat destruction, or come from endangered species. Our staff are encouraged to develop their own skills in producing goods such as art work for sale. 100% of the proceeds from these sales go to the originator.

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