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15 Sep 2019
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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: India photography trekking holiday


Both our company, guides and our local guides aim to foster a deep respect for the environment by:

Protecting the environment - its flora, fauna and landscapes
Respecting local cultures - traditions, religions and built heritage
Benefitting local communities - both economically and socially
Conserving natural resources - from office to destination
Minimising pollution - through noise, waste disposal and congestion

We consider it a huge privilege to be able to visit the world’s wild places and at all times we endeavour to respect local cultures, the natural beauty and fragile environment. At the beginning of the trip we advise and discuss issues such as appropriate dress, local religious and cultural beliefs, language and exchange, disposal and re-cycling of litter in wild places and local environmental issues. These matters are especially relevant in the areas that we visit on this trip. During the first part of our trek we will be accompanying pilgrims and holy men to the source of the Ganges which is a place of huge spiritual significance to the people that we will be mingling with. It is important that we travel with respect and take care regarding our photography that it is appropriate and not intrusive.
We make sure our trips have as little impact on the environment as possible.  We use dedicated campgrounds, and ensure toilet & washing facilities do not contaminate water supplies. All litter is removed and recycled where possible. No local wood is used for cooking where deforestation is an issue and we encourage the use of renewable energy resources.?


During this holiday we will be working alongside with local Indian guides and location experts who also speak English. We engage with local hospitality, promoting interaction with our hosts and locals throughout this tour. We have known our tour operator for many years and have encouraged him to establish his new business. We have actively chosen to go with him rather than a more established operator from outside the area. His knowledge of and respect for, the local communities is unsurpassed. We always,foster an attitude that promotes responsible tourism as a sustainable development in the area we visit to minimise impact on the local communities. We travel in small groups often splitting into smaller clusters of two or three persons in order to reduce intrusion on local communities whilst photographing. With a few exceptions when we visit iconic locations, we tend to avoid main tourist areas, concentrating instead on the less visited communities thus economically supporting innovation and a responsible tourism economy. We encourage an immersive approach to the practice of photography and firmly believe that exploration by foot with ample time to engage with place is key, to the success of our trips. We are often treated to insights of cultural tradition and ways of life that would have passed us by. Through fostering sound connections with our hosts and guides we are able educate and gain knowledge about the locality and environment. We encourage our guests to contribute financially to local communities by buying locally made items rather than doing so in Delhi. Benefitting local communities - both economically and socially is key to our interactions.

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