Luxury Argentina tailor made tour

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Luxury Argentina tailor made tour


- The properties we use in Argentina are small, independently owned and follow a low impact model, with an emphasis on complementing the land and celebrating the culture around it through, for example, gaucho experiences, eco-friendly fuel sources and buildings that fit in with the local style. The tours run from these hotels are led by naturalists and local experts who aim to educate guests about the surrounding environment and the importance of sustainability.

- In our interaction with the environment, we are responsible and ethical. We remind guests they are visitors in this land and that they have a responsibility to protect it through not littering, not disturbing the wildlife and staying at responsible, low impact lodges.

- For each of our Latin America trips sold, we donate money to a school charity based in Ecuador and a wildlife rescue project in Costa Rica. Our environmental charity in Costa Rica is Kids Saving the Rainforest (, which rescues and rehabilitates injured and orphaned animals.


- Our guides are locals, which helps us support and sustain the local economy through tourism in a long-term way. It also gives our clients a more authentic experience of a destination and a chance to meet local people, aiding their knowledge of the place and culture. This understanding is key for people to get the most out of a trip and to firm up relationships between locals and tourists.

- The hotels and lodges we use are staffed by locals, which follows on from our own policy to only use local guides. This serves to empower the community and create long-term, stable and well-paid jobs.

- For each of our Latin America trips sold, we donate money to a school charity based in Ecuador and a wildlife rescue project in Costa Rica. Our school charity in Ecuador is the Condor Trust (, which helps encourage low-income families to send their children to school. The funds provide uniforms, school materials and books for the children.

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