Family holiday to Peru, wildlife & Incan culture

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Family holiday to Peru, wildlife & Incan culture


From Amazonian rainforest to the Machu Picchu settlement, this holiday takes place in a range of Peruvian environments – environments with immense natural and cultural significance. Throughout, attention is paid to ensuring that these are kept in pristine condition, and that awareness is built about the need to protect them.

The first leg of this holiday is situated in the Peruvian Amazon at the Refugio Amazonas lodge. This is part of Refugio Amazonas, an ecotourism organisation with a reputation and a drive for sustainable living and conservation that dates back to 1989. Not only have they tirelessly worked to safeguard the flora and fauna of the area – they also make it a point to work with indigenous communities.

The lodge itself is built out of forest materials, and the classic rooms used on this holiday are electricity-free. Amenities are simple and in keeping with the natural feel of the place. Outside the lodge, structures like the canopy tower have been expertly built to blend safely into the rainforest setting, while attractions like the Brazil nut trail showcase well-established philosophies of sustainability.

After this, holidaymakers visit a series of Incan sites, including Moray and Machu Picchu. Wherever they go, knowledgeable guides are present to take them on specially-selected routes, allowing them to enjoy these valuable locations without causing damage. Along the way, they will get to find out about the celestial environment at the impressive Planetarium of Casa Andina Private Collection in the Sacred Valley and learn how members of the Patabamba Community live in line with the natural world around them.


For many individuals outside Peru, experience of Incan culture may be rare and brief: spotting an inspiring picture of Machu Picchu, chancing upon a related Wikipedia article, or tasting a bowlful of quinoa in a bid to join the ‘superfood’ craze.

This holiday allows them to personally experience remnants of the Inca world – not only Machu Picchu, but also the architectural marvel that is Ollantaytambo, and the landscaping triumph of Moray.

In addition, it enables holidaymakers to interact with Peru’s living, native inheritance, such as when meeting the Patabamba Community and learning their traditional practice of textile production.

In both cases, a valuable transmission of cultural knowledge is taking place: clients are building a first-hand awareness of Peruvian history and indigenous life. This not only challenges easily-held preconceptions, but also equips them with a lifelong appreciation which can then be shared with members of their own community back home.

In all cases, whether boating through the Amazon or zip-wiring through the Sacred Valley, guides and instructors are regionally sourced. This supports the local tourism industry and provides visitors with a genuine exposure to Peruvian life.

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