Bhutan and Thailand luxury holiday

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Bhutan and Thailand luxury holiday


Bhutan is a country that takes responsible travel seriously. Tourism is controlled and each visitor must pay a daily traveller tariff. This keeps the footfall low and allows the country to continue its traditional way of life relatively undisturbed.

On this trip, we use responsible guides and drivers who encourage our clients to respect the environment they're visiting. This means no littering and being careful to not disturb wildlife.

We use hotels that share our ethics and responsible travel practices through the use of sustainable and local resources and produce where possible.

We encourage guests to take tours on foot or on bicycles to cut down on our carbon emissions.

For each of our Asia trips sold, we donate money to a school charity based in Myanmar and a conservation project in Borneo. Our environmental charity in Borneo is the World Land Trust (, which supports conservation in Malaysian Borneo and protects the local wildlife and the rainforest, which is at constant threat of deforestation.


- The hotels and lodges we use in Bhutan and Thailand are staffed by locals, which follows on from our own policy to only use local guides. This serves to empower the community and create long-term, stable and well-paid jobs.

- When our clients want to shop, we direct them to local, boutique stores in which they will be supporting the local economy and buying authentic goods.

- Bhutan fiercely protects its traditions. By controlling tourism, the country shelters its culture, with fewer travellers expecting modern trappings and affecting traditional ways of life. The tourism tariff partly helps to control the travel industry.

- We encourage our clients to learn about local customs and traditions, and to visit festivals if they're in Bhutan at the right time of the year. This is to further the efforts of the Bhutanese to celebrate their culture and protect traditions.

- For each of our Asia trips sold, we donate money to a school charity based in Myanmar. Our school charity in Myanmar is Building Schools for Burma (, which funds and constructs schools in particularly remote and poor areas of the country.

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