Peru adventure tour, Sacred Valley & Lake Titicaca

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Peru adventure tour, Sacred Valley & Lake Titicaca


Wherever visitors go on this holiday – be it the incredible land formations of Moray or the Machu Picchu UNESCO World Heritage Site – they are escorted by expert guides who are thoroughly knowledgeable about their respective areas. Routes taken by groups are specially chosen to avoid damage to valuable historical locations, all while allowing safe and educational enjoyment of each one. Safety briefings and training are given for all outdoor activities to ensure responsible and safe entertainment. This is particularly important when white-water rafting on Chuquicahuana River or kayaking on Titicaca, as aquatic environments are especially sensitive.

Various locations in the itineraries distinguish themselves as environmentally friendly. Aguas Calientes, for instance, is largely car-free (though there is a bus to Machu Picchu). Travelling by foot or train is the focus here, massively reducing the risk of mass pollution that would occur with a sea of tourist vehicles.

Another example are the Uros Islands, which take environmental friendliness to a completely different level by demonstrating how human creativity can be applied to natural materials. Not only are the islands ideal examples of sustainable living – they also inspire holidaymakers to appreciate how people can cleanly and cooperatively live with the nature.


While Machu Picchu holds a rather rightful position as Peru’s international symbol, we believe that the country’s heritage must be examined more widely and have therefore included a greater variety of Incan sites in our itinerary. All do much to educate and inform holidaymakers about the culture and history of the Incas.

Each stands as a monument to the architectural ingenuity of this former civilization; in addition, each carries a more individual significance which should not be ignored. Ollantaytambo was the site of a much-needed Incan victory against Spanish invaders in 1536. The Temple of Viracocha throws light on some of the religious customs of the Empire. Moray demonstrates the landscaping prowess of the Incas and may give some idea of their agricultural practices. Holidaymakers leave Peru with far more than pretty postcard pictures in their minds: they leave with a profound anthropological understanding.

Living culture is equally as important, for which reason the itinerary features interaction with the native Patabamba and Llachón Communities. Visitors will learn first-hand about indigenous ways of life, simultaneously reflecting on their own lifestyles. At Patabamba, they will assist with textile-making, allowing a traditional art to be passed on by the locals to an international audience. Such a focus on local practical opportunities is present throughout the holiday and is the reason why guides are based in the area, rather than being sent from abroad. Not only does this keep financial gain in the Peruvian tourism industry, it also provides visitors with authentic experiences.

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