Ho Chi Minh to Singapore small ship cruise

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Ho Chi Minh to Singapore small ship cruise


The small size of our ship and the low passenger numbers ensures that any detrimental social and environmental impacts are minimised whilst allowing the passengers to visit smaller communities that donít usually benefit from this form of tourism. Many tourists to South East Asia stay (and often donít leave) some large resorts in a few restricted locations, so by enabling our passengers to visit some different areas without putting any strain on local amenities, we are spreading the financial benefits and the load of our visit.

During the cruise we will visit the Juara Turtle Project, who aim to conserve Sea Turtles and their environment in and around Kg Juara and Tioman Island, while also creating a research database of the natural life on and around Tioman Island for use as reference and as support for protection of Tiomanís ecosystems.

The crew on board give regular briefings about the places that the cruise will visit, and this includes instructions on how to 'tread lightly' on the local environment, leaving nothing behind except perhaps a little cash.


One of the great benefits of small ships is that they enable us to get to places that larger vessels can't, and we visit many places that are way off the beaten track, spreading the benefit of the tourist. We visit several small villages and markets that are a long way off the usual tourist trail, bringing the benefits of tourism to small communities that are rarely visited.

We encourage all our passengers to engage with the local community on a social and economic level to ensure that this tourism has a benefit to both the visitors and the hosts. On this trip we only spend one full day at sea, hugging the coast lines of Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia, allowing us to visit many communities along the way such as the San Doc local markets and fishing industry of Vietnam and the Crab markets of Kampot in Cambodia. In Siem Reap, local expert guides will take us around the Angkor Archaeological Site and in Malaysia there'll be more opportunity to see highly skilled artisans at work and tour various cottage industries including batik and kite making and silversmithing. There is also opportunity to observe traditional Malay life and culture, and try local delicacies at the busy night markets.

The shipís managers will buy as much of their produce as possible from local communities, and we will also encourage our passengers to spend money in the communities that we visit. By trying some local fruit juice instead of a well known American brand of soft drink, you will support the economy, it will be better for you and, who knows, you might find you enjoy it more too.

We will endeavour to maximise the benefits of tourism and to minimise or eradicate any downside, socially, environmentally & economically.

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