Russia holiday, Moscow, Novgorod & St Petersburg

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Russia holiday, Moscow, Novgorod & St Petersburg


We aim to play a positive role in the communities where we operate and carefully manage the impact of our business socially and environmentally. Providing a responsible trip to Russia is a vital part of our strategy. We are committed to the issues of diversity and creating a positive travel environment for our clients.

For this tour we employ only local guides and they encourage guests to look after local environment by providing them all necessary instructions on how to recycle rubbish and reduce pollution. They motivate travellers to purchase only recyclable products, point to the nearest recycling bins and make sure that everybody understands the recycling procedures. This tour includes a lot of walking paths and routes in Moscow, Novgorod and St-Petersburg, hence the bad impact on local environment is minimized.

The tour is developed specifically for customers who do care about local environment as there are a lot of attractions of Russian cultural heritage where visitors have a chance to make a donation and support Russian inheritance. For example, Yuriev Monastery in Novgorod, is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Legend says that it was founded in 1030 by good old Yarloslav the Wise, and is one of Russia's oldest monasteries. By visiting this place and paying entrance fees, travellers help to sustain it in proper conditions.

In our UK office we operate a green practise when possible. As part of “Da.Dobro” project in March, 2016 we had “Green Office” day, where we were reducing the normal amount of electricity used in our office, promoting more energy-efficient practices and a more environmentally sustainable approach to our business. Our clients had a chance to participate in this campaign and were actively encouraged to help us in our mission.


Charity activities: our company and its employees take part in a multitude of fundraising activities supporting charities and other organisations. Together with charity organization “Da.Dobro!” we support local charities in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Georgia, the United Kingdom and Finland, such as: Mosvolonter, Doroga v mir, Starost v radost, Svoboda jizni, Biuro Dobrih Del, Zhizn kak chudo, Young people for world without violence, Greenpeace, WWF. Together with Dadobro, we have huge plans for 2016 to promote protecting the community. We have a calendar of charity activities in 2016 which covers community and social responsibilities in our company. The results of our charity activities and campaign are published on our website and distributed it in social network, which encourage our clients to follow us up and join our activities. For example, in February we had an International Day of Equity, where our local DMC suppliers and partners have been given clothes and toys to Ukrainian refuges. Our clients could join this initiative and had a chance to make a donation.

Local food: This trip includes breakfast only, so travellers having a chance to try local Russian food in local cafes and restaurants. Our guides will suggest the best local restaurants and guests will have a chance to experience the local cuisine.

Donation to local communities. There is a chance to make a donation in order to support local communities. In every visited Monastery and church in this trip there is a small box where visitors can contribute to local communities and support children from poor families and having learning or development issues. All entrances fees to museums are going to Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation. Last year Ministry of Culture distributed all revenue received from museum’s fees for charity trips organized for Russian children from poor families. Thus, every traveller paying entrance fee, takes a part in the big charity projects organized by Ministry of Culture.

Local suppliers/DMCs. As we work with Russian DMCs and local suppliers only, we ensure revenue is retained within the country, and by local producers, businesses and cultural organisations in paticular.

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