Slovakia bike hike and raft holiday

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Slovakia bike hike and raft holiday


We offer you the opportunity to get to know Slovakia in small groups which we feel is better for the environment.

Where it is practical, we use public transport such as buses or trams to get us to our activities. This minimises the impact on the environment and saves travellers money. This money can then be spent in other local places, such as a traditional restaurant, thus benefitting the local economy even more.

Our local leaders are fully versed in the principles of travelling responsibly in order not to do any damage to the local environment, and these values will all be passed on to our travellers. As such we cycle and walk where possible in order to cut down carbon emissions and explore the land in what we deem to be a more environmentally sensitive way. During the trip, we will stay at the Tatra National Park (TANAP). Their undertaking is to protect the park’s nature, flora and fauna, and by being here, we are helping in this mission.

We will also visit Pieniny National Park and Slovak Paradise National Park. By providing income through tourism, this trip contributes to the preservation of valuable forests, which in turn create a home for rare wildlife. We will make sure we adhere to the rules of the park, walk only on trails, and leave wildlife and plants undisturbed.


Our company ethos is to organise tours for small groups and individuals so people can experience adventure responsibly.

As a local, family-run business, we have built-up fantastic relationships with communities throughout Slovakia, and can provide the opportunity to connect with, and experience, local customs, culture and way of life first-hand.

During this tour, we will only use local services. Throughout the trip, we will stay in locally-owned accommodation, which supports small Slovakian businesses. Local lunches are taken at traditional ‘Koliba’ restaurants, providing further economic benefit and an insight into local culinary traditions.

We will use local providers to source our equipment for the activities, such as the bikes for the cycle ride. We visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Levoca, which contributes to its preservation and provides local people with an income through tourism. On the treks, we will also ensure we stop at mountain huts. This provides income to local people who are conserving a tradition and providing refuge in the mountains.

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