Learn Spanish and tile painting in Spain

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Learn Spanish and tile painting in Spain


The ceramic tile workshop is given in a studio that is walking distance to our Spanish language school. That means participants do not need any public transport to get to the sessions.

Our school adopts environmentally friendly actions such as office recycling, purchasing FCS or recycled office supplies whenever possible, particularly important for painting.

We inform students before their arrival about initiatives such as: atmosfair! Not everyone is willing, or in the position, to give up air travel, despite the general awareness that this form of travel significantly contributes to the greenhouse effect. Hence, for people who are concerned with the environmental consequences of air travel, a service has now been created: atmosfair. Air-passengers can donate an amount which is equivalent to the gases emitted by their flight. The funds collected are invested in solar, hydropower, biomass, or energy-efficiency projects and thereby contribute to neutralizing greenhouse gases by an amount comparable with the aircraft's emissions. Students donation therefore helps to achieve these projects!


Traditional pottery has lost much of its importance in daily life due to the advent of plastic and aluminium, although tiles and bricks are still widely used, as well as water pitchers and flower pots, glazed earthenware jars and bowls, all of which are produced with skill and originality.

Current production covers a wide range of techniques, including traditional glazes and modern finishes for decorative purposes, such as adornments for houses: vases used on corners of houses, waterspouts, and tiles with letters for composing street names and business signs.

In addition to traditional pottery in Andalusia, a few contemporary artisans have studios hidden away in the countryside which we tell our guests about so they can visit. They use unique, modern methods such as hand-thrown studio pottery - predominantly tableware, but also some individual pieces. Granada is renowned for the quality of its ceramic tiles which decorate houses and courtyards. The Nasrid Palaces of the Alhambra are examples of the beauty of Andalusian culture. This decorative art is one of the legacies of Moorish times and has become a sign of identity of our city.

This trip not only teaches guests Spanish, allowing them to communicate with local people but also helps introduce them to traditional crafts of the region such as ceramics. We offer a ceramic tile painting workshop in collaboration with a local ceramicist, who is living in the neighbourhood of the school. The incomings of the workshops are entirely forwarded to her in order to support traditional handycraft in our community.

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