Myanmar holiday, A taste of Myanmar

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Myanmar holiday, A taste of Myanmar


During any visit to Myanmar, customers will be with local guides who are fully versed on how to protect the surrounding environment and how to travel with minimum impact during any trip. In Bagan, for example, your guide will take you to explore lesser known temples that receive far few visitors, minimalising the wear and tear of human foot fall across the plains.

We also do our best to limit any carbon footprint throughout each journey, by preferring to book shared minibuses rather than domestic flights to travel between Mandalay & Bagan and from Bagan to Lake Inle. We also arrange bicycle rental in Bagan and walking tours in Yangon. Additionally, we offer each and every customer of ours the opportunity to offset their carbon emissions when booking their international flights with us.

On top of this, we also provide each of our customers with a 'How to be a Responsible Traveller' document before they travel. This includes advice and tips on how to buy locally, protect wildlife, and how to make a genuine difference to the country they’re visiting.

Our responsible travel journey starts at home, from our Brighton based paperless office, where we reduce, reuse, and recycle wherever possible. Each and every day a healthy lunch is provided to our staff and any leftovers and food waste are composted. We’re committed to sustainable travel and are proud to have received the thumbs up from Travelife by achieving their Better Places Partner criteria.


By travelling on this itinerary, you will be supporting local families, communities, and independent businesses throughout your journey. All our guides are born and raised in Myanmar, with the majority guiding travellers around the town or village they have grown up in all their life. For example, during your time at Lake Inle you'll spend a whole day out on the water with an Intha tribesman, who will lead you away from the tourist hot spots and around the floating villages that they call home. You'll also stop for a tasty lunch of Shan cuisine with a local family. It’s a unique experience which brings you closer to the locals and allows you to experience village life in Myanmar.

Our local offices also ensure all employees are well treated and that they exceed all minimum requirements for salary, work hours and rest days. This ensures that everyone directly involved in your trip receives all of these benefits and is paid and treated fairly.

As well as this we also use only small-scale and locally owned accommodation every step of the way, which not only provides you with a truly authentic experience but makes sure that the revenue from this tourism goes to the ones who need it the most.

Before you travel, you’ll also receive an incredibly useful and detailed written guide that explains the local customs and cultures of Myanmar and how to ensure dignity, awareness, and mutual respect are maintained throughout your time in country. This includes information about how to dress appropriately, understanding the Buddhist religion and useful phrases so that you can travel in a truly meaningful way.

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