Laos 7 day tour, nature & meditation

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Laos 7 day tour, nature & meditation


As a company we are committed to running our tours in a responsible manner as highlighted below:

Group size: we only travel with small groups. Our tours have a maximum of 16 in any one group, to help minimise the impact on the environments that we travel through.

Local craft and culture: we encourage our travellers to support local artisans and producers and buy sustainable products. We advise them to look for items that come with minimal or eco-friendly packaging and not buy products made from endangered species (including ivory), hard woods, ancient artefacts, or marine products.

Environmental initiatives: we support local environmental initiatives such as the Sun and Moon Bears Sanctuary under the protection of Free the Bears Foundation (FTB) helping to preserve local bear populations and their habitat.

Accommodation: we stay in sustainable accommodation such as Kamu Lodge which encourages 'slow travel' supporting local villagers, in a harmonious and non-intrusive manner.

Water: we advise our travellers to bring their own BPA free water bottles, as we provide a water drum at each hotel so bottles can be refilled before touring commences each day.

Waste/rubbish management: when we travel we treat our surrounding as we treat our home. We do our best to avoid ‘single use packaging’ only using reusable or recyclable packaging. We recycle what can be, and manage any rubbish in the best possible way.

Environmentally conscious office: we avoid paper waste by using as much computer technology as possible in our office. We only produce a minimum of hard copy advertising/brochures/flyers etc… and we consider the source of materials used.


To make sure we benefit the local economy and community as much as possible we:

- Establish good long-term relationships with locally owned suppliers and service providers.
- Pay fair prices for services and products.
- Recommend local and ethical products and services to clients.
- Include locally owned restaurants in all tours
- Prioritise employment of local residents; guides, drivers, and management.
- Actively support local initiatives for community development in Luang Prabang including Lao Friends Hospital for Children. Whereby a $200 donation per person goes specifically towards funding the Outpatient Pharmacy Program of the LFHC. The donation will support a full day of the program, providing medicine and treatment to between 40 and 50 rural children.

To respect and support local cultures we:
- Provide information to Tour Manager and travellers on appropriate and responsible behaviour and cultural etiquette
- Support local and cultural events in the area
- Work with our partners to help strengthen community initiatives.

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