Finnish Lapland holiday, Luosto activity week

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Finnish Lapland holiday, Luosto activity week


Luosto is renowned for its outdoor trails, and every effort has been made to ensure that participants on this holiday can enjoy them without causing any kind of damage, allowing the trails to be preserved for future travellers.

When equipped with cross-country skis, holidaymakers are given full instruction on how to get about in an efficient and non-disruptive manner, with experienced guides training and supervising them.

Faster means of transport include husky sleds and snowmobiles. Again, clients are given full training on how to control these. In the case of the snowmobiles, modern safaris use cleaner four-stroke engines which produce much less noise than older versions.

The snowmobile safari goes to the Lampivaara Amethyst Mine. Here, holidaymakers will learn about the intricate geological processes which take place to form the beautiful gemstones. This is an essential part of the activity, as it builds visitors’ appreciation for amethysts as products of the Earth, rather than simple pieces of jewellery.


Luosto is well within the boundaries of Lapland, which is the traditional home of Finland’s indigenous Sami people. Reindeer herding is undeniably central to Sami life, and the visit to a traditional reindeer farm on this holiday allows holidaymakers to witness first-hand the time-honoured industry of reindeer husbandry. Visitors also come to appreciate the reindeer-herding lifestyle through a sleigh ride, which connects more commonly held Christmas imagery with an age-old method of transport. It might be said that looking around the reindeer farm covers the theoretical aspect of this process; the sleigh ride, on the other hand, might be seen as the practical side – all in all, this provides a dual form of cultural education.

Hotel Aurora and Hotel Tunturi are the only two hotels in Luosto, so sending holidaymakers here provides a valuable source of tourism. The traditional Finnish designs of both these places allow visitors to appreciate local architecture and lifestyle, while the restaurants at both locations showcase delicious Finnish cooking using locally sourced ingredients – a wholesome and sustainable treat after a day of activities.

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