Christmas holiday in Finnish Lapland, with activities

“A week long, small group tour in Finnish Lapland over Christmas. But this time it’s for big kids only, with cross country skiing, sledding safari and other winter warmers. ”


Winter sports in Finnish Lapland | Luosto | Dog sledding | Cross country skiing | Northern Lights | Reindeer park visit | Sleigh ride | Snowshoeing | Lampivaara Amethyst Mine

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20 Dec 2017
£ 2250
including UK flights
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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Christmas holiday in Finnish Lapland, with activities


Famed for its splendid natural routes and trails, Luosto represents a pristine Lapland environment that must be appreciated in the proper manner. We have put together this holiday with a view to making certain that holidaymakers can make the most of Luosto’s outdoor beauty without any environmental damage which would spoil it for those who are yet to visit.

Husky sleds and snowmobiles are rapid forms of transport. To ensure that these are effectively controlled, we give husky and snowmobile safari participants full training and safety briefings. Husky safaris are a notable non-polluting means of getting about; as for snowmobiles, our guides use four-stroke engines which are much cleaner and produce less noise than previous vehicle types.

The case is the same when clients are interacting more directly with the environment, such as when cross-country skiing or snowshoeing. After receiving full instructions, they are taken around by experienced guides who teach them about the local fauna and flora.

At the Lampivaara Amethyst Mine, holidaymakers find out about the incredible natural processes which are responsible for forming the amethysts. This is an essential part of their visit, as it teaches them to admire the gemstones as geological products, rather than simply viewing them as pretty ornaments.


Luosto’s Lapland location means that it is well within Sami lands. Here, reindeer herding is deeply intertwined with the local way of life, and it is important and rewarding for visitors to experience this for themselves. It is also a particularly festive treat, given that this trip takes place over the Christmas period!

At the reindeer farm, clients can personally see how reindeer herding is carried out. It is heart-warming to see the bond between reindeer and herder. The reindeer sleigh ride is a fitting culmination of the visit, as it provides a practical means by which holidaymakers can interact with and appreciate the reindeer-herding way of life.

As Hotel Aurora and Hotel Tunturi are Luosto’s only hotels, this holiday can be seen to provide an essential source of tourism. Both locations showcase classic Finnish home design and architecture, allowing for genuine cultural appreciation from visitors. In addition, the restaurants in these two hotels use regionally sourced ingredients and serve classic Finnish dishes, so clients get a taste of authentic local cuisine.

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