Detox retreat in Slovenia, 9 days

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Detox retreat in Slovenia, 9 days


During the retreat, participants are given home prepared soaps with 100% of biological and ecological ingredients.Neja and Petr are very ecologically aware. At their home they separate paper, cardboard, plastics and metal cans for recycling. They are committed to recycling 100% of their used paper and cardboard. They store most data electronically rather than on paper printouts.

Electricity and technology
They use energy efficient strip lighting wherever possible and encourage clients to turn lights off when natural light is sufficient in a room. They buy rechargeable batteries rather than disposable ones. They promote to reduce the use of air conditioning. The use of air conditioning and heating is on staff agreement only and is turned off at night and during weekends.


A fair deal
At the retreat we employ local staff to help us in kitchen, cleaning as well as with therapies. We have our own school to train iVitalis specialists.

Local crafts and culture
We use plants, vegetables and herbs from our local farmers, fresh from garden to the plate. Everything is produced ecologically. We have also our own garden and we compost the rests of food. We drink water that is filtered through different natural layers making water more vital.

Friends & Neighbours
This retreat was created as a collaboration between artists, healers, tour guides, accommodation providers and spiritual seekers. People that have history and experience in supporting many different community-led projects and events around the world, with the goal of ensuring that the money made from our traveling to a region goes directly to those most in need, in order to make a lasting difference in the local communities that we visit.Part of money gathered from our retreat also goes to support a shamanic healing center in Brazil.

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