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Responsible tourism

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your holiday will help support conservation and local people.

Our local office in Indonesia only uses certified guides for all cultural and nature tours. On this Indonesia trip we use guides in the Kalimantan region who have lots of knowledge about the plants and wildlife and how best to visit responsibly with minimal impact on the environment. This ensures that our customers visit the area responsibly with as little impact to the area as possible.

A major highlight during this trip is a visit to one of the islands used by the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation. It is used for the final stage of the rehabilitation program before the Orangutans are released back into the rainforest. This area doesn’t feature any feeding platforms or set visitor times and no one is allowed to set foot on the island. Seeing these gentle giants swinging between the treetops from your vantage point on the river will be a truly unforgettable experience.

Your accommodation in Kalimantan is a traditional wooden boat called a klotok. With only a handful of cabins, this minimises the number of tourists visiting this area at any one time and therefore reducing the impact the tours have on the local environment and the animals which call this home. There are only two boats of this kind in the area which promotes a sustainable and responsible way of developing tourism whilst bringing income to a rural area.

Our responsible travel journey starts in our office in Brighton where we collect our food waste for compost so that it doesn’t end up in landfill. We also try to recycle as much as we possibly can and try to minimise the amount of paper we use in the office. The paper that we do use in our office comes from the same company we recycled it with resulting in a closed-loop system.

The Impacts of this Trip

By doing this itinerary you are supporting many local families and businesses that need it the most. We use local drivers and guides, giving reliable jobs and a fair working environment.

During our trip in Kalimantan you will visit the Dayak people, native inhabitants of Borneo, where the tribe will welcome you with a traditional ceremony and spiced coffee whilst they share their history and traditions with you. This area is not on the usual tourist trail and including this in your visit not only gives you an authentic, less touristy experience of the country, it also brings income and employment to a remote, rural and culturally diverse area of Indonesia.

We use small-scale and locally owned accommodation wherever we can, which not only gives customers an authentic experience but makes sure that the revenue from tourism goes to local families and communities who can benefit the most. A great example of this is the guesthouse we use in Malang, locally owned and run we are bringing valuable income to a rural area and a local family.

Our local office ensures that all employees are well treated and that they exceed all the minimum requirements for salary, work hours and rest days. This also extends to local guides and makes sure that everyone directly working with our local office gets all these benefits and is paid and treated fairly.

We advise all our customers on local customs and cultures in their travel documentation. This includes information about how to dress appropriately, respecting the local culture and religions in Indonesia so that our customers can travel in a responsible way.

We believe in putting people first and provide lots of benefits to our staff members in the UK to enhance their work and personal life, such as participating in the ride to work scheme, and providing discounts for local fitness centres and holistic therapies, and best of all a healthy free lunch – every working day!


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