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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Uganda tailor made budget Gorilla safari


A Uganda gorilla safari will see you visit protected regions of great natural beauty, including Queen Elizabeth National Park and, of course, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, home to almost half of the world’s remaining mountain gorilla. Such regions of environmental value are in large part dependent on the revenues generated by tourism for their preservation, meaning your visit will play a small but real role in helping to sustain these areas and the wildlife that depends on them.

Most notably, your visit will help to sustain Bwindi’s severely endangered population of mountain gorilla. Threatened by poaching and environmental degradation, mountain gorillas have been perilously close to extinction for over two decades. In recent years, however, the population has begun to increase, both in Bwindi and in the nearby Virunga Mountains (in Bwindi alone the population has grown from an estimated 300 in 1997 to over 400 today). Tourism is widely seen as having played a significant role in this turnaround, helping to bring the vital funds that are needed to protect and preserve the gorillas and their environment, and to counter poaching.

During a gorilla safari, there are strict rules to follow in how you approach and behave around the gorillas. We’ll issue guidance in advance of your safari, and of course the National Park guides will provide further guidance once you’re inside the park boundaries. It is important that you follow their advice, and avoid disturbing or getting too close to the gorillas. Provided you approach it in this way, a gorilla safari can be a truly rewarding experience which really benefits the environment.


During the course of your travels in Uganda you will come into contact with the local, indigenous cultures in the regions you visit. As always, it is important to approach local people in such a way that respects their culture, even as you engage with and show interest in it. This means extending common courtesies such as not taking photos without permission, dressing appropriately when visiting cultural and/or religious sites, and ensuring you do not leave behind litter.

We employ local tour guides who are mindful of local customs and traditions and will guide you on the proper decorum in each situation.

Of special note is the Batwa tribe, who reside in the Bwindi region. While gorilla tourism is widely accepted as having been a conservation success, it is also the case that it has come at a cost for some of the local communities in Bwindi, with many in the Batwa tribe forcibly resettled outside of the National Park boundaries in recent decades in order to preserve the gorilla’s habitat. Tourism can also help benefit local communities, however, and if you choose it will be possible during your stay to embark on a guided tour of the Bwindi foothills, including a visit to a Batwa village, led by local Batwa guides. On longer stays, we can also arrange for you to hike the Batwa Trail in nearby Mgahinga National Park. Such activities go a long way to supporting the local Batwa communities in the regions you visit and ensuring that in the future tourism comes as a benefit and not a cost to their way of life.

The money generated by your tour – through entrance fees, nights spent at locally-owned accommodation, tour guide fees and your patronage of local shops and businesses (such as coffee houses and restaurants) – will also help to support the communities you visit.

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