Addis Ababa to Cairo Ethiopia, Sudan & Egypt tour

“A mammoth 38 day overland adventure through three fascinating African nations, taking you from world famous Egyptian ruins to Red Sea resorts to little known Sudanese pyramids.”


Addis Ababa | Blue Nile Gorge | Lake Tana | Lalibela | Gondar | Axum | Khartoum | Hamed al Nil Tomb | Omdurman Souq | Pyramids at Meroe | Nubian Desert | Lake Nasser | Abu Simbel | Edfu | Luxor | Red Sea Coast | Cairo | Giza

Description of Addis Ababa to Cairo Ethiopia, Sudan & Egypt tour

This epic tour is just the ticket for adventure seekers, nature lovers and history buffs. Youíll travel across Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt over 38 days, taking in fabled cities, ancient temples, hectic modern cities and stunning mountains, desert and coastline along the way.

In Ethiopia, a country with more than its fair share of UNESCO World Heritage sites, youíll visit the rock hewn churches at Lalibela, travel to the holy city of Axum, boat across Lake Tana, the source of the Blue Nile, and visit the ancient ruins at Gondar, once the seat of Ethiopiaís emperors. Sudan is your next stop, where youíll spend time in the Nubian Desert, visit the pyramids at Meroe and explore the souks of capital Khartoum.

In Egypt, there are historic sights aplenty and youíll visit the Valley of the Kings, the Pyramids of Giza and Abu Simbel, all of which are steeped in myth and legend. Itís not all about exploring the past, however, and there will be time for a felucca cruise down the Nile as well as the opportunity to relax on the Red Sea coast, with optional snorkelling, windsurfing and diving available.

During the tour, youíll be travelling with a small group of up to 24 likeminded travellers in a purpose built overland truck, along with a driver and a guide. Nights will be spent camping, and everyone pitches in to help set up camp, as well as to prepare meals.

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If youíre looking for adventure, an opportunity to travel with like-minded travellers and to get off the beaten track then this type of trip is for you! We will sometimes be covering long distances over a period of a few days but will then most often be camped up for a few days with opportunities for adventure activities, visiting local communities, time in a town or city to chill out or wildlife viewing experiences. The roads are sometimes bumpy and you need to expect the unexpected! This type of travel is through regions where things can change and experiences are more important than luxury Ė borders sometimes close and there may not always be hot water in the showers! You will generally be camping out under the stars, sometimes out in the bush, but generally more on campsites. (Our South America and Central Asia trips also use small locally-run hostels and guest houses). The trips are fully participative so you will be involved shopping for food in local markets, cooking for your group (on a rota system), collecting water and setting up camp. If youíre not confident about doing any of these things beforehand, donít worry our crew are there to help you and youíll be good at it by the time you finish!

You will be travelling on one of our own purpose built overlanding vehicles with up to 24 travellers, many of whom will be travelling on their own. It is a great way for solo travellers to travel. We have lost count of the number of travellers who have met their future spouse on one of our trips! Our vehicles are fully equipped with tents and cooking equipment and are designed for great all-round viewing and a sociable seating plan. You will be accompanied on your trip by a Driver and Tour Leader and, depending on your trip, we often use local guides at sites of specific interest for more detailed information.

This type of travel will provide you with a plethora of memories and stories to tell, new-found travelling companions and friends and a well-exercised spirit of adventure!

Responsible tourism

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your holiday will help support conservation and local people.

Waste: at the point of booking a tour with us, all our travellers receive detailed pre-departure information which contains a large section on travelling responsibly. This includes advice on minimising the amount of waste they create on the trip. This informs travellers on what they can do before they go, for example removing toiletries from unnecessary packaging and taking a reusable water bottle and gives advice on what they should do whilst on the tour, for example, disposing of litter appropriately.

All of this information on waste reduction is re-iterated at the pre-departure meeting at the start of the tour, with specific advice for the areas we visit on the tour. As a company we have a big commitment to reducing, reusing and recycling in our UK office. We are very aware of the environmental impact of our office in the UK, so we recycle and compost as much of our waste as possible. We try to reduce paper usage ,but when necessary we use recycled paper and stationery. Our brochure is available to view or download online and the paper version is printed on stock produced from sustainable sources and vegetable based inks.

Accommodation: The majority of nights on this trip are spent, sleeping in tents-sometimes in camp sites, sometimes out in the bush. This obviously involves minimal use of electricity and if we're out in the bush we can only use the water that we carry-no chance to leave taps running, the air conditioning or heating or lights on! Filling up and carrying jerry cans of water helps concentrate the mind on how much water you consume!

The Impacts of this Trip

Volunteering and Charity:We support two charities in Egypt. In Cairo we have donated computers, teaching materials and provide regular financial assistance to the Sudanese Community Development Program-a school for Sudanese refugee children. We have also helped the school set up a Sponsor-a-Child scheme, and arranged a letter exchange between the Sudanese children and a school local to our UK office. This promotes opportunities for inter-cultural understanding and provides the Sudanese children with great encouragement. We can arrange pre tour visits to the school, and many of our clients regularly donate old clothes and shoes to the Sudanese Refugees via our collection system at our Cairo Hotel.

In Luxor we sponsor the Sunshine Project International, a home for abandoned and orphaned children. Apart from a regular financial commitment we have also donated bedding and play equipment to the school and even delivered a sandpit from the UK. Luckily there was no need to deliver any sand! Clients on the Egypt trip are given the opportunity to visit the home in Luxor and regularly donate baby toiletries and toys directly there themselves.

Friends and Neighbours: Our aim on this trip is to put as much of the trip costs directly back into the local communities and economy as possible. We use local guides, reps. and operators at all the places of interest we visit and recommend local restaurants and street sellers to help spread the benefits of our tourist dollar more widely. In Luxor, for example, our local rep Tayeb, sources the donkeys for our village trip from his own family and neighbours and has been doing so for the past five years. This allows village families to gain extra income beyond their subsistence farming.
The felucca trip also helps to support local families directly. We use a local crew and the income they derive from our travel with them helps to support their families.


1 Reviews of Addis Ababa to Cairo Ethiopia, Sudan & Egypt tour

5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on 12 Dec 2018 by

1. What was the most memorable or exciting part of your holiday?

The people of Sudan. I've travelled a lot and meet many people but never like the people here, they are friendly, welcoming, warm and go out of their way to make you feel relaxed. No matter where we were in Sudan I felt completely safe and relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed meeting and talking to people here. Their philosophy is "you're a guest in our country" and they really lived up to this. I'd go back tomorrow.

2. What tips would you give other travellers booking this holiday?

Go with the flow, it's not going to run like clockwork so relax and enjoy it. Pack light and take lots of old clothes that you don't necessarily need or want to take home with you. Also be prepared for a lot of cold showers... hot water is not always available.

3. Did you feel that your holiday benefited local people, reduced environmental impacts or supported conservation?

In a lot of respects it did benefit local people as we always went to local markets to buy food and other essential. Hopefully because we did this our interaction with people also helped give them a good view of us as visitors. I'm not to sure about the environmental and conservation aspects of the trip. Whilst we went out of our way to ensure we did not "dump" anything, in particular one use plastic bottles some of our local guides seemed less interested in disposing of them properly. In addition we went to the Danikil Depression on a three (3) day trip, which was NOT an option in the original itinerary. Whilst this was an amazing experience and one I really enjoyed I (and a lot of my companions) am very concerned about the impact we're having. We were allowed to walk anywhere we liked in the area of volcanic activity so were walking over crystals and soft rock, all of which was being destroyed under our feet. If this carries on there won't be much left for other travelers to see. It wouldn't take much to have some marked paths there, for visitors and so preserve this amazing site. I'm a diver and when diving never touch, sit or stand on coral and feel it should be the same here.

4. Finally, how would you rate your holiday overall?

A great trip with and excellent crew leading us and totally enjoyable.

Read the operator's response here:

Thank you Mike for taking the time to complete this review. You have provided some very valuable feedback. We are really glad to read your final sentence, ''A great trip with excellent crew leading us and totally enjoyable,'' and to read about your positive interactions with local communities and our Company's efforts to dispose of waste appropriately and support local enterprises.
We are of course, however, concerned to hear of your experiences in the Danakil Depression. As you state, this is the first time we have run this optional excursion and we have not used the local operator providing this activity before. We will be speaking to our crew and the local operator about your feedback and seeing what we can do to ensure this does not happen in the future. In the past when we have had similar issues of environmental degradation in our destinations we have also tried to engage with relevant local government organisations (not always that successfully however), but depending on the outcome of our discussions with our local operator we will endeavour to do so again regarding this issue.
Thank you again for your feedback and for choosing to travel with us. We hope that you will join one of our trips again in the future. We will pass your positive comments about our trip and your crew on to them. Thank you!

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