Short break to Marseille, France

A five day, tailor made trip to underrated yet glorious city of Marseille, with five days of guided activities. History, hiking and the most heavenly home and villa all part of this Marseillais adventure.
Marseille villa overlooking the Mediterranean Estaque Quarter of Marseille Swimming pool MuCEM Fort Saint-Jean Frioul Islands Hike in Verduron Hills Colline des Borels Borels neighbourhood Vietnamese Pagoda
1000 excluding flights
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5 Days
Tailor made
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Price per person sharing a double: - 4 nights with breakfast - 1 Dinner - 5 activies - travel book, 24/7 assistance, tax & service fees. All our travel programs can be adjusted on request.
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Description of Short break to Marseille, France

This short break in Marseille offers the perfect way for you to experience this fascinating historic city on the Mediterranean, surrounded by the Verduron Hills on the one hand and vibrant waterfront life on the other. So often upstaged by other Mediterranean cities, Marseille has extraordinary ancient history, formerly known as “Massalia” and is in fact, France’s oldest.

Based in a homestay villa in the historic l’Estaque quarter of Marseille, overlooking the Bay of Marseille, your host also becomes your guide for the first day. She will introduce you to some of her favourite but also the city’s most famous sites. These include the impressive basilica “Bonne Mère”, Fort Saint-Jean and the highly acclaimed Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations, just opened in 2013.

Other suggested guided tours on this holiday include a hike into the Verduron Hills, or a trip out to the exquisite Frioul Islands with a local nature expert.
At the villa, you stay in a guest suite which has one double room and one single room, ensuite but with shared toilet facilities. There is a gorgeous living room, swimming pool and breakfast is provided. It’s all very home from home, with the Marseillais vibe filling the air at every turn.

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1000 excluding flights
Convert currency:
Price per person sharing a double: - 4 nights with breakfast - 1 Dinner - 5 activies - travel book, 24/7 assistance, tax & service fees. All our travel programs can be adjusted on request.
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This trip can be tailor made throughout the year to suit your requirements

Travel guides

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Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) holiday so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


In our Marseille program, we try as always to promote mainly eco-friendly activities with no harm to environment. This program has a very strong focus on nature and the environment.

You will discover the biodiversity of Frioul Island with one of our geographer guide. You will see and learn about birds, insects and plants on the island. There are about 250 plant and animal species to discover on this island.

This is why, we focus our guest’s attention on local efforts to preserve flora and fauna and we like to think holidays significantly contribute to raising awareness environment.

We have a strong ethic about respecting the places that we visit and their environment, we strongly encourage our guests to appreciate traveling responsibly by not leaving any rubbish behind during the tours.

During the entire trip in Marseille you will do mainly walking tours and hiking, the best slow ways to see, understand and respect a place. The protection of the flora and fauna is very important for us as it is one the main beauty of France.

At our office we also try to be as eco-friendly as possible, we minimize the use of paper by using internet, emails and for marketing purposes we also make use of websites. Our vouchers are electronic to avoid massive use of paper. When we have to use paper, we use the APUR paper, and our Brother’s cartridges are brought to the recycle center, which has a partnership with CoolEarth.

As an information, for a number of years, the city of Marseille has implemented an ambitious and avant-garde policy for sustainable water management. As a result, the city's water is considered to be "the best water in France". Since 1996.


In this program you will continuously meet local people, starting with Michele your host and first tour guide. She is probably one of the best person in Marseille to show you the city like no one else.

All guides in the entire program are true locals who work with passion and aim to protect cultural heritage and show you the insight of the beloved city. You will definitely get a deeper understanding of the area and leave with unforgettable memories

We select local guides and craftsmen to ensure our activity benefits the local economy. Our guides are able to offer an insight into the local culture and are able to guide visitors to less known sites and unknown treasures.

In this program, we work hands in hands with the Hotel du Nord co-op from Marseille, which follows the Faro agreement. Four Marseille’s town councils have signed this agreement. The co-op has a social target to increase the heritage value of several Marseille’s districts to improve the residents and workers’ way of life. Each host or guide, will show the natural and cultural heritage of the city to the guest.

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