South East Iceland photography tour

“Icelandic horses, black sand beaches, glaciers and even the aurora – photograph the unique southeast of Iceland on this small group trip, with tuition, meals and transport included.”


Reykjavík | Höfn | Heinabergsjökull Glacier Lagoon | Vestrahorn | Stokksnes | Vatnajökull Glacier | Hoffellsjökull | Jökulsárlón Glacier lagoon | Breiðamerkursandur black beach | Fjallsárlón Glacier Lagoon

Description of South East Iceland photography tour

Train your lens on the reflective lakes, ice-strewn black beaches, glaciers and mountains of southeast Iceland, on this small group photography trip. This superb new itinerary combines our popular ice locations with remote and less well explored areas of the land of ice and fire. Here, the coastline boasts quiet locations, epic landscapes, small farms and dramatic scenery.

On the eastern section of this trip, we plan to spend time photographing Iceland’s famous horses, which are directly descended from the first horses brought here by the Vikings over 1,000 years ago. Observing these hardy creatures, perhaps galloping on the black sand beaches, is one of the many wonderful photographic opportunities offered on this trip. We will also photograph the remote, lesser known glacier ice tongues and lagoons created from the mighty Vatnajökull ice cap. Each of these vast valleys has unique atmosphere and drama, with the light constantly changing.

There are a host of other wonderful locations to photograph, and we chose each according to the weather conditions, with the chance to revisit particularly worthwhile locations at different times of the day. Highlights include Heinabergsjökull and Jökulsárlón glacier lagoons and the famous Breiðamerkursandur, a black beach scattered with ice. Stokksnes and the dramatic mountains of Vestrahorn have little light pollution. This remarkable area makes a fabulous location for shooting the aurora and throughout the trip we’ll monitor the weather and aurora forecasts to ensure we’re in the right place at the right time to get some spectacular shots.

You will stay in hotels for nine nights, with our main accommodation in the southeast the stylish Vatnajökull Fosshotel, which has panoramic views of the glacier and surrounding mountains. Flights to and from Höfn are included, to maximise time spent out on location, and group size is a maximum of 10 people. Photography tuition is included, as are all meals.

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: South East Iceland photography tour


We encourage you to travel responsibly and to consider the following guidelines:

- When out in wild places, please keep erosion to a minimum, keep to footpaths and avoid stepping on, or picking native flora. Iceland is a fragile unstable environment. The country is currently embarking on many conservation and habitation projects such as tree planting to reduce erosion.

- When near wildlife or bird colonies we minimise human disruption of the natural environment. We take considerable care during breeding seasons so as to not disturb nesting birds and wildlife.

- Take time to carry out some research about Iceland, being able to speak a few words of Icelandic is always appreciated.

- Water sources in Iceland are exceptionally pure and we discourage buying plastic bottled water. A metal or heavy-duty plastic bottle such as Nalgene to refill with water from a safe source is recommended to all of our guests.

- River water could also be a supply drinking water, please do not contaminate river water supplies by washing in it. Any washing products should be phosphate free

- Respect local customs religion and traditions.

- Don’t take photographs of local people and places of religious significance without permission.

- Keep promises! Send copies of photos to local people if this is what you have said you will do.

- Read the labels and buy local products such as food and souvenirs so that money directly benefits the community.

- Reduce pollution and carry out all litter. Recycle wherever possible. Iceland has one of the lowest levels of environmental pollution in the world and it is good to keep it this way.

Our small group ethos, sharing of transport and preferred mode of exploring locations is by foot thus reducing pollution, environmental noise and damage to what is often an especially delicate ecosystem.

We support the Environment Agency and the National Parks of Iceland through passing on information about their policy and raising awareness of current issues and environmental sustainability. The Environment Agency hosts volunteers from all over the world and works closely with a variety of international organisations. The programme is organised in partnership with the British conservation volunteer organisation BTCV.

Wherever possible we work electronically and promote considerate use of digital resources. We are primarily web based for all administrative communications with minimal use of office paper.

We recommend that you visit our links page where you will find comprehensive information on travel, health, environmental concerns, preparing for your holiday, local cultures and how to support local projects.


Tourism, fishing, farming and local crafts such as knitting are seen as a viable and sustainable way of helping to restore economic stability to the country and also giving a sense of dignity to Icelanders. More than ever communities have to return to their roots and rely on traditional ways of making a living. We support local micro business by seeking out artisans and contemporary home made crafts during our stay. We always ensure that participants on our holidays get the opportunity to see and purchase local products.

In particular communities away from the central hub of Reykjavik are relying on visitors to boost their economy. We have been supporting these less visited areas for many years and we are rewarded with a very personal service, quieter locations, fresher home grown produce and insight into the lives and folklore of local people. We seek out small family run hotels and support local tourism enterprises such as eating at the small fish soup 'shack' down on the beach in preference to the rather more up-market restaurants, knowing that the fish will be freshly caught that day by local fishermen.

These local providers appreciate our on going commitment to their livelihoods and in turn we have built mutually beneficial relationships with our all of our hosts and local guides. All of our service suppliers are informed of our responsible travel policy which is clearly visible on our website. Local food can be obtained easily in Iceland, for example fish, lamb, dairy products, vegetables grown in geo-thermally heated green houses. Each day we buy local produce for our picnic lunches to be eaten on location and our accommodations pride themselves in introducing us to local Icelandic fare for both breakfast and dinner.

Our holidays are immersive and are designed for photographers by photographers. We pride ourselves on our research, interest and appreciation of the historical and cultural context of each country we travel through.

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