Luxury Madagascar holiday, wildlife and beaches

“An 11-day two-centre holiday encompassing Madagascarís finest wildlife and beaches. Relaxed, uniquely luxurious and tailored just for you.”


Antananarivo | Ifotaka | Mandrare River Camp | Port Dauphin | Manafiaty Beach

Description of Luxury Madagascar holiday, wildlife and beaches

This 11-day tailor-made holiday gives you the chance to experience two of southern Madagascarís most spectacular natural areas in style, and at a relaxed pace.

Your first port of call is the jungle town of Ifotaka, a short flight away. Here unique wildlife including lemurs, endemic species of birds and reptiles live in the coastal jungle and flooded forests. You will stay at the secluded, luxurious Madrare River Camp, where stylish tents with private terraces offer the ideal place to relax and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding forest and towering baobabs. Whatís included in your five days here is up to you, but could comprise guided wildlife walks, visits to the local Antandroy tribe or shopping in the vibrant local market.

You will then take a short flight down to the Fort Dauphin peninsula where you will experience the other highlight of Madagascar; itís beaches. Manafiafy Beach is one of the top places to dive or snorkel in Madagascar and from your private island home youíll have plenty of opportunity to explore the underwater world around you. Other activities possible include whale-watching, mangrove kayaking trips and picnic lunches on uninhabited islands. Sheer beach bliss.

This trip is also offered as a small group departure (max 8 people on the following dates: 20th Jul 2017; 03rd Aug 2017; 17th Aug 2017; 24th Aug 2017; 14th Sep 2017; 12th Oct 2017 and 09th Nov 2017. Please enquire for availability.

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This trip can be tailor made throughout the year to suit your requirements

Responsible tourism

Luxury Madagascar holiday, wildlife and beaches

Carbon reduction

Your holiday will help support local people and conservation. We must also reduce CO2. Learn about the CO2 emissions of this holiday and how to reduce them.


Following on from an ongoing commitment to reforestation in Madagascar, in 2011 we launched a long term reforestation project in Tsarasoa. We continue to invest in a new long term project, which launched in May 2011.

We have set up a tree nursery and orchard for a local school. We have already started building the fencing (350-400m) and are in the process of planting a well designed/equipped 100 tree orchard as well as 100 luguminous and 100 moringa Oleifera (nutrional plants) on a piece of land we have bought for the school. After the first couple of years this will produce 200 young fruit trees saplings (to be planted on student's family land) + 1800 leguminous trees (to be planted on community land). The plan is that the first harvest of Ananambo nutritional leaves will be ready by 2013/14 to supplement the daily diet of students. Once the trees start growing and with the first seeds (papayas, passiflores, moringa, etc, ...) a small poultry operation will be launched, providing eggs and occasional meat for special school events. The association of poultry and fruit trees is extremely beneficial for both and is a long long time old practice in Madagascar.

We employ one permanent gardener to maintain and direct student's works and are able to implement this with the support of our clients travelling to Madagascar with us (approximately 2% of the trip cost is donated to this project) and our local partner who is extremely active in reforestation of this area. By supporting the conservation of the rainforest, we can encourage the authorities to recognise the potential of wildlife tourism and photographic safaris, ensuring the protection of this unique environment. You will be issued with instructions as to how you can help to preserve the environment and we hope that you will follow our advice to help make a difference.

Both of these lodges focus on Sustainable Tourism, ensuring the smallest possible carbon footprint and supporting environmental and community programmes. Manafiafy Lodge meets all of its electricity needs through 100% solar electricity and in Mandrare Camp all guest rooms are 100% solar and we have a small generator for pumping water. We also have tree planting projects and ensure that our environmental impact is always kept at an absolute minimum.

We are also proud of our social/community projects which guests are actively encouraged to visit, we have built schools and classrooms, provided electricity for Health Centres and Maternity clinics, as well as helping with educational supplies such as school satchels, pens and exercise books.

We believe that it is only by working with Madagascarís people that the benefits of their environment and the guests who visit it will be seen, thus ensuring the protection of the countryís stunning wildlife and habitats. Over 90% of our staff are Malagasy and we put great emphasis on training and encouraging our Malagasy employees to take more senior positions within our company rather than bringing in expatriate staff.

Moreover, you will also be able to spot many various endemic wildlife such as different species of lemuriens, chameleons, birds, reptiles and orchids. Your stay will contribute to the conservation of the unique Madagascan biodiversity. Local guides will make you discover all these endemic species in their own environment and will explain you everything you need to know about the incredible wildlfe. For instance national sites aim at favouring genetic mixing and improving the availability of food resources in order to maintain and even increase the wide population of existing Sifak.


Our local staff accompanying this expedition will give you a real sense of Madagascan culture. We only use Malagasy guides, pay all staff fair wages and treat everybody on the trip, including staff, with equal respect and we expect you to do the same. We offer a continual training program for our local guides including English language lessons as well as continual development in activities such as rafting.

Our local agent has an active approach to employing and mentoring guides in Madagascar. One of whom joined us when he was 16 and a Ďstreet kidí . Our agent took him under his wing, trained him up in all rafting skills, language skills, guiding skills and at the age of 29 he is one of our most popular guides. It is principally wildlife tourism that brings people to Madagascar and by using local businesses and services we can inject much needed capital into the local economy. On this expedition we are following a responsible camping procedure which leaves no negative evidence of our presence. We stay in small towns and villages interacting with the locals.

Hotels and camps are owned by locals. They will welcome us in accordance with Malagasy tradition, construction and design. Some of them provide traditional bungalows made of stones and wood at the foot of Tsaranoroís cliff, and some other have a beautiful garden full of plants, turtles and chameleons.

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