Spring Classics 2017 race viewing tour

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Spring Classics 2017 race viewing tour


In this tour we are riding on some of the oldest roads in Europe. They are quite rugged and not everywhere cycleable. But we all know – cycling is a community sport and there is nothing better one can do to sustain the sport than to keep the foundation under our wheels safe. So if we see some of the famous cobblestones missing from their place or damaged, we will surely try to fix the legendary Classics roads. There even is a movement dedicated to repairing cobble roads, called ‘’Les amis de Paris-Roubaix’’ or The Friends of the race that keeps the 27 cobble sectors in shape for the upcoming race.
Also, while quite close to metropolitan cities, these races mainly take place in the country side. We are really passionate about very fresh and quality produce from the farmers around. If there is a chance, we stop and support local farmers by buying fresh cheeses or some fruits. In Italy we always grab prosciutto and fresh figs. That is an integral part of our tours – enjoying local foods and beverages that you can’t get anywhere else. It's also better to buy from hands of the people who created the meal or snacks - less packaging, less waste and more pleasure!


Spring Classics involves lots of cycling history. We are talking about some of the oldest and most notable cycling races of all time. That means that while with us in our tour, you will see how people pay respect to hundred year old traditions. For example we will witness a pretty reckless cheering from the crowd near the Paris-Roubaix route, but don’t be scared, everyone will be alright! Spring classics also involve traveling through many small towns in which we will stop to take a coffee break. Although some communities are part of a country, for example Belgium or The Netherlands, they often don’t identify as Dutch and so on. Before our trip, we will let you know where we will travel through and how people live there. Flanders region in Belgium is quite different than Wallonian side, so we need to know those differences to understand everyday life and traditions of the locals. That might take a short course in history before we start our trip, but we will make sure to tell you about these things.

Another aspect that we will see in Belgium is their pride in local beer. As most of European nations, Belgians think beer that is brewed in Belgium is the best. And they might be right! During our tour, in the evening with dinner of course, we will sample some of the best locally made beers and craft beers. This is the thing that you have to check out anytime you are in the country. Of course - we are being safe and encourage to enjoy these tasty beverages only after our rides.

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