Venezuela tailor made holiday

“Though not on most people’s holiday radar, Venezuela rewards travellers with unforgettable highlights, from the Angel Falls and the Andes, to the Orinoco Delta and the wildlife rich plains of Los Llanos. ”


Canaima National Park | Canoe expedition to base of Angel Falls | Orinoco Delta by boat and on foot | Mérida | Andean villages | Coffee farm visit | Parque Nacional Sierra Nevada | Los Llanos wetland plains | Wildlife safaris

Description of Venezuela tailor made holiday

Few people think of Venezuela as a holiday destination, but there is so much to fall in love with here. This Latin country rocks to an infectious Caribbean beat and boasts mountains, colonial towns, beautiful coastline and a strong indigenous presence.

Begin this 13 day Venezuela tailor made holiday with an exciting canoe expedition to base of Angel Falls, the world’s highest uninterrupted waterfall, where the tumbling water becomes a veil of mist at the bottom. From here, visit the waterways that form a lacy network in the Orinoco Delta and discover how the indigenous Warao communities still follow their traditional lifestyles here.

Venezuela is also home to the northernmost tip of the Andes range. Here, you will find jagged, snowy peaks and pretty Spanish colonial towns nestled on the upland plains. Explore red-roofed villages, hike to a glacial lake or visit the warm springs at Tabay. From here, drop down to the vast tropical marshy plains called Los Llanos to enjoy wildlife safaris. See capybaras, caiman and anteaters and look out for parakeets, toucans and macaws flying across the skies.

If time permits, head to Venezuela’s beautiful Caribbean coastline to relax after all this exploration. Here, you’ll find laid back resorts, some of which cater for families, nature reserves and coral islands fringed with white sand beaches.

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Responsible tourism

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your holiday will help support conservation and local people.

Travel and tourism can both benefit and damage the environment, the economy, the social structure, culture and communities in any country. We know how mass tourism, unrestricted hotel building, poorly devised tours and environmentally destructive activities can bring money flooding in and governments have, in a spirit of short termism, been tempted to accept them. But experience teaches us that in the long term this sort of uncontrolled activity can be detrimental to the country's development.

As a company we love Latin America and strive to protect the rural and urban landscapes which we take you to visit. We work with local operators which have a proven record in training guides to set a good example in their respect for their surroundings and pass on advice and encouragement to visitors on how to preserve the fragile environment in simple ways, such as by refilling a water bottle, disposing of rubbish responsibly, not disturbing local communities or wildlife and not purchasing items made from endangered animals or plants. When selecting accommodation, we give preference to hotels, lodges and cruise vessels which have a verifiable commitment to eco-friendly practices.

During this holiday your travel will be low-key, with an emphasis on low-impact visits to areas of natural beauty featuring hiking and walking tours. Your visit to Canaima National Park and Angel Falls involves a journey by curiara dugout canoe along the river and your accommodation will be in a hammock camp; the remoteness of the region means that little infrastructure has been created – by travelling on traditional, low-carbon transport and on foot your impact on the environment will be minimised. As well as this, the hammock camp is housed in a typical open-thatched barn that has been constructed with local materials and blends in with the jungle causing little disruption to the natural surroundings.

We also take care to find accommodation which reflects the character of the place you are visiting and tells the cultural story of a destination. In the Andean town of Mérida you will stay at Posada Casa Sol, a small hotel in a lovingly restored colonial property: employing local artists and designers to renovate the posada over three years, it now boasts beautiful stained-glass windows, tiled floors and sculptures and there are plans to open an art gallery which will aim to bring together artists, local people and visitors.

The Impacts of this Trip

We pride ourselves on delivering our clients truly authentic and unforgettable experiences in Latin America and on this holiday you will have the opportunity to engage with the people of the small Andean village of Jají. The town itself underwent a restoration in the late 1960s which salvaged façades, windows and doors which are over 400 years old. It is now a quaint, cobblestone village and is a fantastic place to purchase local art and crafts; explore the artisans’ shops, which are often found in small cellars, and take the opportunity to buy handicrafts from across the region – these purchases help to support the local economy and encourage the continuation of traditional craftsmanship that has been passed down through generations.

In Venezuela tourism in general has long been a difficult industry; a fully-fledged eco-tourism industry, therefore, is a long way off. However, your stay in the Orinoco Delta, for example, will directly benefit the people of the area: your accommodation, Mis Palafitos Lodge, employs solely local people from the Warao indigenous community. The income created by your visit will go towards boosting the local economy and help people who rely on this steady employment. At the same time, you will have the chance to engage with the people of the area and learn about their culture.


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