Italy cultural tour, Milan and Rome

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09 Oct 2018
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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Italy cultural tour, Milan and Rome


On this tour you will get proof that respecting the environment guarantees benefits for people’s life. We all know how water is a very precious element and not to be wasted: when visiting the rice fields, you will see that water is channeled from the river Po to the river Ticino after flooding the fields and allowing the growth of the largest rice production area in Europe. Water is distributed through a network of artificial canals and thanks to the slope of the fields, an example of successful combination between nature and man’s work. The rice fields are a natural environment for frogs and birds which do not migrate because they find the rice fields to be a suitable living area. At the rice farm, you will learn that no waste is produced, from the harvesting to the final product, every unnecessary element is used for different purposes and nothing goes wasted.

In order to preserve and develop the local agriculture, your meals will be based on typical local products and you will discover the richness and variety of the Italian cuisine. You will have the opportunity to taste local dishes on the day trips and to buy local products such as olive oil on Lake Como, rice and local wines in the Monferrato Region. On the food tours in Milan and Rome you will visit local businesses that have strong ties to local producers


We are a boutique tour operator based in Italy, our mission is to give foreign visitors the opportunity to get in touch with the authentic aspects of our Country. In order to achieve this purpose you will be taken to visit family run businesses and learn how the Italian society is based on small economic entities, each one tending to excel in its own field. You will also be able to understand how the Italians like to enjoy life and love great food.

This tour is mainly about meeting local people and discovering how they live and what they do. Our local experts in Milan and Rome will be with you on the day tours to make sure that you travel like a local and experience the scheduled activities like an Italian would do. You will also have some spare time when you can visits artisans’ workshops or cultural attractions and buy local products.

Italy has the highest number of Heritage Sites listed by Unesco, the Infernot (underground caves to preserve wine) are among them. We will take you to an Infernot in a very small village, available for visits thanks to the efforts of its citizens and rarely reached by foreign visitors.

Travelling is mostly by train and sometimes we will need to reach some places also by minivan, in these cases, we rely on local companies to support the local economy and to put you in contact with native people

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