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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Nepal highlights tour, tailor made


As one of the pioneering companies in Nepal, we have demonstrated a commitment to sustainable travel and responsible tourism for more than fifty years. In addition to supporting a wide range of local programs, we have created several conservation and wildlife projects throughout Nepal. We recognise the importance of preserving the abundant ecosystems of Nepal, and with a deep connection to the national parks and the wildlife, we strive to deliver high quality and low number tourism to these fragile areas. They are a place to learn, to cherish, to grow and above most, a wondrous place to explore.

Among the many projects the company has initiated and run in Chitwan, are the Jatayu Vulture Restaurant, and recently improvement of resident elephant management.

The company is closely associated with Jatayu Vulture Restaurant, a joint venture of Bird Conservation Nepal & ITNC. The aim is to acquaint guests with the alarming plight of the vulture and encourage support in preserving and regenerating the population. The vulture feeding centre provides multi-faceted benefits: rescue and care for old cattle, supplies non-toxic food source to vultures and provides village income from home stays, guiding etc. Today, the project has become a model for vulture conservation across Nepal, and it has inspired similar projects in Northern India and Pakistan.

As the latest example of the company´s pioneering efforts, it became the first in Nepal to stop offering elephant back safaris in 2016, and completely changing the way of managing its resident elephants. Teaming up with founder of Elephant Aid International, Carol Buckley, the company has built five spacious enclosures for the twelve resident elephants who are now living together in their natural groupings. We offer the guests to step in to the lives of the elephants and to experience the life of the mahouts and their culture and traditions. Guests are invited to experience the elephants’ natural rhythm and will learn mainly by observing and engaging with the mahouts´ daily work.

We ensure that the physical infrastructure of the lodges you visit in Pokhara and Chitwan are in keeping with local architectural styles and that buildings naturally blend into the landscape. All construction complies with local and national regulations.

Both lodges work actively towards having positive environmental impacts. Gardens and woodland areas are kept natural, and all farming for food resources on the lodge premises is organic. In Pokhara, the buildings are made from raw local stone quarried from the community quarry, government approved rich Sal timber from the Nepal Terai plains, and pine from the western hills. In Chitwan, the lodge is styled after the traditional longhouses of the local Tharu people. The buildings are made exclusively from local materials. Because the traditional way of building is slowly disappearing, giving way to cheaper materials, the lodge receives many local visitors who want to see a Tharu house the way they used to be built. Local visitors are always encouraged.


The company is proud to support hundreds of children in surrounding communities through the provision of scholarships, textbooks, uniforms and staff training. We engage meaningfully with the community to ensure education programs are sustainable.

An example of this is on the premises of our lodge in Chitwan, where we run a school as a joint project with the Swissair Staff Fund for Children in Need. It offers a free head start for children from disadvantaged families, and funding for their onward education in government schools. The school currently has fifty-five students from the surrounding villages. The programme covers health care, two meals/day, uniforms, and supplies. In return, the parents work in the school’s organic garden to grow vegetables for the children’s meals, giving them a sense of involvement and a new skill they can use at home to improve family nutrition. We encourage our guests to visit the school and if they wish, to give an English lesson or a donation of any form.

99% of the staff of the company are Nepalese, and most of them are recruited from the local areas where we operate. They are the essence of the company and they work on all levels from management to ground operations. We believe in homegrown leaders, which is exemplified by having all key roles in our lodge in Chitwan occupied by people from the local Tharu tribe, from the manager to the supervisors and the naturalists, who all received their training within the company. As a family run company, we are proud that our longest serving staff member has been with us for nearly fifty years, and that we now employ the fourth generation from loyal staff families.

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