5 day holiday in Jordan

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: 5 day holiday in Jordan


We work hard to ensure responsible, green and clean travel on this trip through Jordan. We minimize the environmental impacts of our travel through careful planning and management of the tour. All of the transport we will use to travel along the Kings Highway to Petra is maintained regularly to ensure that they are operating at as high levels of efficiency as possible, saving burning excessive fuel. We also provide our guests with the option to take walking and cycling tours around the locations visited on our trip, which can also offer the chance to see much more of the scenery by taking routes off the beaten track as well as being much more environmentally friendly than travelling by car.

We also work with hotel partners to provide a friendly, daily reminder to keep air conditioning set at moderate level, turn off lights when leaving your room, and make use of the eco option to re-use towels and sheets.

We aim to limit our impact on the environment in several ways. When on tour, we aim to preserve and protect delicate ecosystems, wildlife and natural habitats by following strict rules that minimise the effects of our presence in an area. Some of these rules are summarised hereunder:

- Keep noise levels down as noise can disturb native birds, animals and reptiles.
- Keep to proper footpaths, do not feed wildlife and do not pick flowers or shrubs..
- Water is scarce in Jordan, so we practice conservation and keep water sources clean.

We have also participated in many of the RSCNís (The Royal Society for The Conservation of Nature) Nature Guide programs that aim to provide tourists with first hand nature experience.

We also reduce waste and pollution and recycle, repair and reuse what we can, both on tour and at our office. For example, we use energy efficient lighting and Energy Star appliances at our offices whereas on tours we try Ėas much as possible to avoid using of straws and plastic lids at the resort to protect marine life


We are a locally-owned company which means that the majority of revenue that is generated is kept in the country and either re-invested or directly spent. This helps boost the local and national economy. Above all we are committed to the well-being of the communities that are our hosts that we are there to experience.

We support local economies by hiring locals, eating in locally owned restaurants and travelling local style.
All of our operated products are reviewed to assess how they benefit the communities. Through supplier contracting, guide training and in-house product development we ensure positive impacts of tourism on local communities, transparency in all commercial dealings and relationships and quality of experience for clients.

We work hard in terms of developing tours which have a direct, positive impact to local communities such as the communities in Wadi Rum and in Azraq Addrouz.

We also try to favor small locally owned hotels over large international chains. We work closely with our local suppliers and societies to source more small guesthouses, B&Bs, boutique hotels and eco-friendly lodges. This ensures that as much revenue as possible remains in the host country as well as providing an experience with more genuine character for our clients.

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