Yoga & mindfulness in Jordan

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Yoga & mindfulness in Jordan


This yoga & mindfulness weekend is in the beautiful desert Wadi Rum. A perfect place to connect with mother nature. We kindly ask our guests to take care of this nature and not to damage it. Always respect and follow the rules given by your host. We expect our guests to never leave any waste behind anywhere they go and not to damage any sites they visit. All people we work with are instructed to make sure people follow up on this. The waste problem in Jordan is big. We believe that in order to do something about the waste problem, we should start with changing ourselves. We like to keep our country clean and we want all of our guests to help us set the right example for local communities. Many people in Jordan do not realize the impact they have on the environment by leaving their rubbish behind everywhere they go. We like to think we contribute to help changing minds of people by setting the right example.
Jordan is one of the countries with little water resources. Therefore we ask our travelers to not take long showers and not to leave the tap water running unnecessarily. We encourage you to try to limit your water use.


We have a team of local employees ready to serve you and work on your dream holiday. We give all of them a fair wage and when training opportunities show up, we encourage them to take them. Besides extending their knowledge, this will build their confidence and give them joy at work. In return our employees are very motivated to provide you with a holiday that lets your dreams come true.
People will be given a fair wage for their help to give you a dream holiday. Which in return they will give you more then you would ever expect. We believe that happy employees are the key to success. To give you your well deserved dream holiday and our employees a well earned wage for doing so, it is an important part of responsible travel.

When you visit Jordan we encourage you to buy from local artists to help them support their families. This can be done from several outlets in Jordan who will be showed to you by your guide. It is also important you do not buy from children who try to sell you souvenirs at sites. These children should be in school and get a proper education, by giving them money you are keeping them out of school.

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