South Shetland Islands and Antarctic Peninsula cruise

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: South Shetland Islands and Antarctic Peninsula cruise


Antarctica is one of the largest wilderness areas on earth and hence needs special protection. Hence, we are members of IAATO, the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators. The main purpose of the IAATO is to advocate and promote environmentally friendly and responsible practices when travel to Antarctica. All member need to fulfil a set of the highest tourism operating standards that helps preserving and protecting Antarctica. It monitors all activities in the Antarctic Treaty Area, to ensure that Antarctica remains relatively pristine.

We also send out pre-departure documents that entail all information necessary for your trip to the white continent. It gives you practical advice on how to minimise your impact on the Antarctic environment, to what to take with you and how to behave on landings and zodiac rides.

We use small ships on all our cruises to Antarctica to minimize the detrimental impact. Only 100 passengers are allowed to go onshore at the same time in certain parts of the Antarctic Peninsula, which controls and minimizes the impact that tourists can have in such pristine regions. Moreover, on all our cruises we have an excellent Expedition Team that are experts in a wide range of fields such as marine biology, geography, polar history or glaciology. They gladly tell you more about Antarctica and how to behave on landings and when you interacting with the Antarctic wildlife.


A portion of the profits from berth and sales on this journey will be donated to the MAD Project , our charity organisation, where history, humanity and our home, the planet, will be the beneficiaries. Through journeys such as this we are able to gift funds to virtuous projects with limited voices and together we can make a difference. We will also have an auction where our passengers can buy goods that have historical value or polar expedition artefacts. Again, the profits from this sale will directly benefit our MAD charity foundation.

We will also visit several places that have no permanent population besides researchers who reside seasonally at research stations. We show our passengers the work they are doing and assist in open discussions, share news and stories or even have a beer with them at their bar. At certain research stations, the researchers offer tours through their laboratories or sell us stamps and postcards for a postcard from Antarctica.

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