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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Nepal and Bhutan holiday


We believe in the concept of Meaningful Travel; having experiences which benefit you and the destination you’re visiting. Part of this is helping to preserve the natural environment.

We aim to use small-scale, locally owned accommodation that’s full of character throughout Bhutan and Nepal. The small-scale nature of these places means they’re much kinder to the environment than the larger hotels.

Meanwhile, in our offices in sunny Brighton, we’re also trying to do our bit. We work hard to consciously recycle as much waste as possible. We’ve even managed to implement a system to ensure our food waste is composted instead of ending up in a landfill. Our environmental measures begin on our own doorstep. We also run a virtually paper-free office and are dedicated closed-loop recyclers. Our team are in regular communication with our local partners on the ground, providing them with information on acting sustainably and sharing success stories.

As well as taking care in our office, we also encourage our customers to be respectful towards to the environment and our local representatives whilst travelling in Bhutan and Nepal. They’re well trained in the concept of high value, low volume tourism and its impact on the environment. Due to the regular water shortages in Bhutan, we encourage our customers to be careful of the amount of water they are using during their travels. We also encourage people to take their litter with them and to be aware of the illegal exploitation of plants and forests as Bhutan has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the Himalayas and we want to keep it that way!


During our Bhutan adventures, we like to encourage real experiences and meaningful interaction with the Bhutanese people. During this itinerary you'll stay in small-scale, locally owned properties full of character, putting money into the pockets of the local people. You'll also be staying at a traditional farm-stay with a local family where you'll get to learn about each other's culture and way of life. This couldn't bring you any closer to the destination and is a unique experience that benefits these families by injecting money right where it's needed the most.

We also use local guides and drivers who have an extensive knowledge of the Kingdom of Bhutan. We also ensure that our local partners are paying all of their staff a wage that is equal to or exceeds the legal minimum. On top of this, we only get our drivers in Bhutan to stop at locally run and owned restaurants.

We also support a local project in Bhutan which helps to bridge the local needs of disadvantaged remote communities with larger national initiatives. They run projects all over Bhutan supporting a variety of different initiatives, from building schools to solar panels. When booking a trip you can choose to make a donation to this project and help fund these remote communities.

We advise all our customers on local customs and cultures in their travel documentation. This includes information about how to dress appropriately, respecting the local culture and also the local religion in Bhutan so that our customers can travel in a responsible way.

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