Yoga cruise in Greece

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Yoga cruise in Greece


We are environmentally conscious and aware of our footprint. We put effort into educating our travellers to be aware of their impact on the ecosystems and to act responsible.

Our correspondence and promotion is carried out via the Internet and email, minimizing the amount of paper we use. Sailing is one of the most sustainable forms of transport, using nothing but the wind to power our craft. By hosting guests aboard this sailing ship we are reducing the need for bed spaces ashore where we are trying to reduce uncontrolled †hotel development. We are trying to minimise the impact on the environment through sustainable practices †by taking care of rubbish disposal ashore. Using sails where possible to get around instead of the motor, observing nature and enjoying the turtles, dolphins, fish and sea life without disturbing them, through our example, we are encouraging other sailing crews to do the same. †In all ways, we are hopefully contributing towards the goal of ensuring that these beautiful and largely unspoilt areas and communities are there to be enjoyed by future generations.

Before going on cruise, we give our customers a short briefing about the importance of being responsible. We advise our travelers to take care of †nature, control water usage whenever they can, and †pick up all the litter that they see.


We actively promote the history and culture of our host countries and endeavour to contribute to the local economy so as to ensure that the holidays we promote are beneficial to the countries and communities visited. We believe that responsible travel is about the attitude you take with you and the choices you make when travelling. With this cruise we bring our tourists to isolated coastal towns which benefits the local economy. The boat can visit places which are often less accessible by road bringing much needed income to these communities. All harbours in the sailing region get revenue in the form of overnight mooring fees.We try to encourage use of local suppliers and personnel where possible, whilst also minimising the environmental impact though modern technology.
Our goal is not only to help the local community but also to educate our customers to act in a socially responsible way. We will attempt to give an insight and understanding of the host culture and community to our clients so that they can gain more from their visit. All our travellers who book through our company receive information on places that they will visit prior to their trip, to understand and respect the culture and environment of the host destination. Sustainable development, protection and conservation are most important goals of our company. We are doing our best to transfer our knowledge to others so we could together act responsibly in preserving the planet.

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