Learn holistic massage in the French Pyrenees

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Learn holistic massage in the French Pyrenees


During the conscious being and holistic massage holiday our guests stay in our ecological holiday home or gite. We are conscious of being nature ourselves. We take care and respect our environment like we do for ourselves. We like to organize those weeks so people can experience and become more aware of how to live in an ecological and sustainable way and become more conscious about the nature they are.
Our hobby farm is surrounded by a beautiful forest, we have a close relationship with the nature and use its natural resources with respect and care, limiting our impact on the land and environment.
On our little hobby farm we are aware of using only the things we really need.
We use rain water as our main water source, for showers, toilets, washing machines and watering the vegetable garden. Our solar powered shower is situated in our garden in the middle of beautiful nature. Guests are permitted to use ecological body products like shower gel, soap, toothpaste and shampoo. We only use ecological cleaning products and toilet paper. With everything we do we are aware of the holistic live. We use old and waste materials to build or rebuild things. We cook everything from scratch so produce hardly any waste. We make conscious efforts to limit our electricity use.

We grow our own food as much as we can by permaculture and share this with our environment.
Our animals have a big role on our hobby farm. We grow food for our animals and create a completely natural setting for them to live in. We learn as much as we can the language of our animals and communicate with them on their level. This gives them confidence, no stress and they are very open to humans because they get understood by them.


On our little hobby farm we do the most of the work our selves and together with local people if necessary so we can live a sustainble and ecological life.
For the local people in our community we organise classes, massages, walks and all kind of activities so we share our knowledge of holistic living directly with our environment. Because we have a lot of contact with local organic farmers and restaurants we have the possibility to visit them during our local trips.
We invest most of the money we urn directly in our sustainable way of living (investing in an little windmill, solar panels, water cleaning system...etc) Making things more sustainable, ecological so its really an Holistic life.
We really know the value of exchanging products, help, knowledge and living together with people. We are happy to exchange life!
Living in the Hamlet means for us that we share vegetables and other produce, having sheep together, doing projects together and help eachother out when somebody needs a hand.

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