Indonesia highlights holiday

“A three week, tailor made holiday, covering four of Indonesiaís island idylls, and staying in small hotels for a few days at a time. Accompanied by local expert guides. And using internal flights for ease of transfer. ”


Medan | Sumatra | Bukit Lawang | Gunung Leuser National Park | Java | Yogyakarta | Borobudur | Sukuh | Malang | Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park| Bali | Ubud | Flores | Labuan Bajo | Komodo | Sanur | Orangutan watching

Description of Indonesia highlights holiday

Creating an Indonesia highlights holiday is not a simple task, given that there are so many gems to choose from. However, we offer you a carefully crafted itinerary which takes in four of the main islands where landscape, wildlife and culture are all leading lights.

This is a tailor made itinerary, so of course it is flexible, using the ideas below to create the perfect trip for you and your travel companions. Starting in Sumatra, this jungle rich island is home to the bustling capital of Medan, glistening beaches and orangutan habitats. Your jungle stay on the edge of Gunung Leuser National Park, for example, is a highlight here for many.

Take an internal flight to the island of Java, dotted with a wonderful contrast of misty mountains and steamy volcanoes such as in Bromo National Park. As well as a very active city life at Yogyakarta. You wonít want to be enjoying that side of things too late into the night before taking on the islandsí spiritual highlight: sunrise at the stunning Buddhist temple of Borobudur.

Your next island, again accessible by flight, is Bali, famous for its party life, but also boasting beguiling landscapes and revered Buddhist cultural heritage. The most important Buddhist site here is Ubud, the spiritual core of the island, with temples and shrines dotting the uplands where it is located, as well as a plethora of creative artists and healing hubs.

Your final island idyll is Flores, which has been upstaged by Bali for many years but is in fact a stunning way to bring this trip to a close. A tropical fusion of fragrant forest, gorgeous beaches and dramatic canyons, it is also gateway to the world famous Komodo National Park and Rinca, both home to the Komodo dragon. And then more beaches again. Flores is the finest finale to the most spectacular Indonesian odyssey.

Travel Team

If you would like some help or advice, or just want to discuss your ideas for your next trip, do give us a call.

Departure information

Everything is tweak-able, giving you the freedom to build a unique and personal trip for your chosen date. Upgrade your accommodation for all - or just part - of your trip, slow down the pace with few extra nights here and there or add a few more active adventures along the way.

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Indonesia highlights holiday


We also encourage our clients to set a good example to the local community by taking rubbish with them and disposing of it responsibly, as we are aware of the rubbish issue in Indonesia.

We provide our clients with a 'how to be a responsible traveller' information page to teach them how to use as little water or energy as possible.

Our environmental policy begins at home - in our Brighton office we have a strict recycling system and work closely with a local recycling company to ensure we are on track. Last year we saved the equivalent of 15 trees and we are working hard to increase this. All our paper is then bought from the recycling company closing the circle.

In Bukit Lawang we book eco-friendly accommodation that recycle where possible and are passionate about keeping the area rubbish free. The guides we use here are also instructed to take their rubbish with them and protect the wildlife in the National Park as well. When you take the guided tour, this will all be explained by your guide.

Our accommodation that we book in each area are small scale, locally run hotels which directly support the local community rather than going to any International chains.

In Komodo we use experienced local ranges that are knowledgeable about the animals and know what it takes to protect and sustain the surrounding environment.


All of the accommodation we use is locally owned and small scale, meaning we are directly supporting the country's economy and local people. We recommend our clients to try local restaurants and businesses, hence only including accommodation with breakfast giving our guests the opportunity to try and support the local restaurants and food stalls.

We work with local partners who provide above minimum wage for all employees, use qualified guides, and have energy saving policies in place which match our values.

Our local partners also support local villages in Indonesia, and strive to find local programs which give a great insight into the the local culture and community.

In our 'Know Before You Go' we provide lots of helpful information for the client on what to wear, how to act, and useful phrases to get by so they will get a warm welcome from the local community.

In Medan you are taken with a local guide to a small village where you can learn to make local street food snacks and support the community directly

We include a local trip around Yogyakarta to allow you to mingle with the local community, purchase local food and drinks and learn a new skill! The locals will also benefit with this interaction by meeting you and learning about your culture too.

In Ubud you will be able to cycle through the local villages, learn about coffee production and eat at a local restaurant for lunch as well to support directly into the local community.

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