Climb Mount Toubkal in winter

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Responsible tourism

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your holiday will help support conservation and local people.

Your small group of travellers will follow along the itinerary the recommendations of your local tour leader regarding environmental issues.

The main area to be considered in this trip is the impact on local environment and mountain areas. You will experience how the communities living in the mountains and berber valleys optimize their resources living from their herds of goats and from what the land offers them, and you will learn to appreciate these important resources that we take for granted.

Along the way, you will learn about how the communities of the small villages in the mountains organise their lives around the management of the water, the grazing of pastures and croplands, optimising as much as possible all resources. You will learn how agriculture is approached around the natural cycles of water and considering the scarcity of this during most of the year.

With regards to our impact on the local environment, you will receive guidance from your tour leader in order to reduce this as much as possible. For example waste collection and management is absolutely essential in this tour. You won't have access to waste bins in many parts of the tour and will be advised to take with you everything. Organic waste will be collected and deposit in some parts of the trip, used for compost or animal feeding in some villages.

Regarding domestic animals, you will be encountering mules for mule-trekking, goats, cows, etc. We constantly aim for improving the treatment that these animals receive, as in Morocco they are considered just a practical tool and nothing else. This is a sensitive matter as we cannot pretend to change radically their relationship with their animals which comes from centuries, but we try at all times to gradually improve the use and conditions of domestic animals in Morocco. Your tour leader is the person to talk with if you feel any of the animals may have been mistreated. He or she will liaise with the muleteers to suggest or to amend behaviours related with their animals. These are little steps for a greater purpose and we recommend this approach rather than engaging directly with the animal owners.

The Impacts of this Trip

The main contribution of this trip with our local communities happens in your Berber host village in the High Atlas mountains. You visit and exchange everyday life with these communities: remote family settlements usually far from the impact of mass tourism. Our small group contribution brings not only resources to the family but also an opportunity to bring a mutual exchange of admiration and stories between our travellers and our host families. If you wish to bring some little gifts for kids, this would be your opportunity to do so and we suggest our travellers this. Simple things like pencils or small toys can bring enormous joy to the families.

There's a certain etiquette regarding photos and we recommend people to enjoy their landscapes and experiences through their own eyes and leave photos as a secondary channel. Moroccan people are very reserved and, in more traditional and rural areas, photography might be seen as something negative for religious or cultural reasons. You will be always advised to ask for permission when taking photos of people.

Along your adventure, you will taste delicious home-family-made food in all your stays, sourced from the regions that you will be visiting. Regarding accommodation, you will stay in family-owned small businesses or family houses, local gite in Amsouzert or camps like the one in Ifni Lake, the Nelther Refuge, where you probably sleep in tents and the local-owned Riad in Marrakech. These have all been selected for its contribution to the families behind which you will meet and have the opportunity to exchange stories and experiences. We always encourage travellers to sit and share some time with locals, they are our hosts and we are at their home.


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