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“A small group tour taking in the best of modern and ancient Japan, from buzzing city streets to forest shrouded shrines, all in the company of a small group of like-minded travellers.”


Tokyo | Mount Fuji | Hakone | Kyoto | Arashiyama | Minshuku Homestay, Asuka | Omiwa shrine | Hiroshima | Miyajima Island | Fukuoka

Description of Japan tours

Our Japan tours take you on a journey to some of the country’s top highlights, in a place where skyscrapers and crowded streets rub shoulders with ancient temples and shrines. Your trip starts in the vibrant city of Tokyo, where you’ll have three days to explore. Then you’ll head for Kyoto, stopping at iconic Mount Fuji, and visiting an Onsen at Hakone along the way. There are plenty of incredible places to visit in this ancient city, including Nijo Castle, Kyoto Imperial Palace, Sanjusangendo Temple and the Gion district.

Next on the agenda is a visit to Nara where you'll travel by local bus to the temples, parks and ancient merchant district before heading by regional train to the Omiwa Shrine, one of the oldest shrines in Japan. Asuka and an overnight stay in a traditional Minshuku guesthouse awaits. After a morning tour of the imperial city of Asuka your Japanese journey continues westwards to Miyajima Island, one of the country’s most scenic areas; and Hiroshima, where you’ll have a sobering trip to the Peace Memorial Museum, the Peace Memorial Park and the Atomic Bomb Dome.

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Responsible tourism

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your holiday will help support conservation and local people.

Our guides will brief travellers on appropriate behaviour, both cultural and environmental, and when visiting areas of natural beauty we make a point of ensuring that we leave no permanent traces of our stay behind, taking all rubbish with us to protect these valuable tourist destinations.

This tour includes visits to various shrines, temples and monuments which are of significant cultural importance to the local people, as well as visiting UNESCO listed areas. Our visits to these sites help to support local projects to conserve the area's cultural and geographical heritage.

On this trip we take advantage of the good public transport system and high-speed train network within Japan, and instead of using private transport where possible we make use of trains, thus reducing the carbon footprint of our travellers.

Our groups average only six clients, and many tours operate on a private basis with just two travellers. This has much less impact when travelling through rural areas or visiting sacred temples and sites, reducing our environmental and social affects. Finally to emphasise our commitment to responsible tourism, all clients will receive a copy of our travellers code of conduct with their travel documents.

The Impacts of this Trip

On this tour we visit Hiroshima and the Peace Memorial (Genbaku Dome), which has remained in the condition it was right after the explosion. Both these sites are significant in the history of their country; Hiroshima is a stark reminder of the most destructive force of mankind. Visiting these sites allows travellers to understand and learn about Japan's turbulent past.

This trip spends a night staying as guests of a local Japanese family in Asuka. We believe that staying in small village guesthouses and family homes not only gives travellers an authentic and very special insight into the lives of the Japanese people, but brings tangible benefits to small communities that may otherwise be overlooked by the tourism industry. Spending time with local hosts enables far more cultural interaction than travellers would experience when staying in large hotels. For example, by staying with a local Japanese family, travellers have the opportunity to learn how to cook like a local.

We believe tourism is a double edged sword that needs to be wielded very carefully. Our philosophy is to have a limited amount of departures - usually between one and three a year - for each of our itineraries. By limiting our presence in areas where local culture can be quite fragile, we hope to avoid as much as possible the phenomenon whereby an area changes in character due to repeated and prolonged exposure to tourism. We want to visit an area as friends, not intruders and to ensure that what we see will also be there for others to enjoy for many years to come.

We only employ local staff and unlike many operators we believe that to send a foreign Tour Leader along to accompany your trip is an unnecessary burden on your wallet and our carbon footprint. We believe that locals know best. Our local operators only use locally owned accommodation. This means your money stays in the area to benefit the local community. When possible we use local transport, (i.e. rail or bus) and we always use local restaurants, markets and shops and encourage our clients to interact both financially and socially with the communities that they are passing through. In doing this your travels are supporting and encouraging the development of local services.


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