Christmas winter activity holiday, Finland

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Christmas winter activity holiday, Finland


Our company is specialized in unmotorized activities like hiking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, canoeing and cycling which can be all considered environmental friendly activities. We use maintained trails on our trekkings and for lunch breaks we stop at set fire places or wilderness huts. We always ensure that all litter is removed from any of our activity sites and it is recycled for as much as possible. The adequacy of environmental activities is regularly assessed by means of collecting customer feedback.

In our purchases, we are committed to preferring durable, if possible locally produced, high-quality products. Disposable products are avoided as far as possible and there is no option, we prefer eg. wooden cutlery or paper bags instead of plastic options.

To reduce laundry, on some tours (where possible) we give clients a set of bedlinen that is used on several nights evenif the accommodation varies. This tour stays 6 nights in one cabin and bed linen won't be changed during the week. Clients will get one towel for the base camp and the other for the wilderness hut. In the wilderness hut sleeping bags with mummy liners are used. All the laundry we do at our "office" is dried at room temperature or in summer time outdoors - we don't have a heat drier that uses a lot of energy. We always use washing powder without phosphate and zeolite.

To save energy we turn off the lights whenever possible. The room temperature is set as low as is comfortable and where a fireplace is available wood is burned to heat and to save electricity.


Our tours are organized in sparsely populated, remote border area from where many people, especially young, are forced to move out due to lack of work. By bringing visitors and organizing tours we are bringing more welfare for local people. Our company does not own any hotel, restaurant or vehicles for transportation but we buy all these services from the local suppliers. The accommodation suppliers, restaurants, husky farmers and taxi companies are all small, locally owned businesses and benefit directly from our tours. Also guides are locals for as much as possible. Our company is also small with only two fulltime employees.

The food is local for as much as possible - fish, reindeer meat, elk and berries.
Approximately 70% of the income goes for the local businesses and guides.

The land and the cabins used on this tour are maintained by the Forest and Park Service of Finland and we pay funds for them which they use for maintaining the area and the fireplaces, open huts and other services in the area which local people are using also.

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