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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Luxury Antarctica cruise


Antarctica represents a more profound manifestation of international peace than any other place in the world, managed during the past half-century through the Antarctic Treaty's unprecedented global cooperation of nearly 50 countries, and formally designated a "natural reserve dedicated to peace and science." As a result, everyone who works in Antarctica tourism the cruise ships, the staff and the guests are asked to demonstrate environmentally responsible visitation is possible in remote and fragile wilderness areas.

The first of these practices include leaving no trace of your visit. Antarctica is one of the most pristine environments in the world so please help keep it that way. Nothing must go over the side as nothing not even toilet paper rots in cold water! Once north of 60S (the Treaty Area boundary) biodegradables may be disposed of at sea.

The second is to protect the wildlife and the vegetation. Minimum approach distances are enforced to allow visitors good viewing experiences without disturbing animals. If cruising in the vicinity of whales or seals, do not drift down on them as this can disrupt feeding. Remember, birds and mammals are particularly vulnerable when breeding or molting, so please be especially careful around them.

Despite its inhospitable environment, Antarctica hosts unique vegetation that must struggle to survive. These plants, including mosses and lichens, are fragile and can be easily damaged if walked on. Please stay off the vegetation and don't pick any plants.

The untouched beauty of Antarctica can appear overwhelmingly powerful and immutable, but small changes from a series of visitors could have an impact. It is illegal to remove any rocks, stones or fossils.

The itinerary as shown above, follows each of these practices and more, to ensure that they are protecting the fragile environment and ecosystem of the Antarctica.


As a tour operator that is promoting responsible tourism to the Antarctic continent we only recommend and use cruise companies that abide by the Antarctic treaty and that are members of the IAATO partnership. With there being no permanent population allowed on the continent apart from research communities and a few, restricted tourism bases, our main focus as far as community projects, fair wage and working conditions really applies to the cruise companies and their approach.

We regularly liaise with the cruise companies we recommend to make sure that they are paying a good wage for the cruise staff and that living conditions on board comply with certain requirements.

We also are very aware that more and more boats are seeing Antarctica as a viable destination for cruising which can, potentially, endanger the future of this pristine destination and, as such, we are also strongly in support of limiting or at least keeping a very close eye on the impact of the burgeoning tourism industry to Antarctica.

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