Kenya safari with the Maasai tribes

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Kenya safari with the Maasai tribes


1. We aim to limit our impact on the environment in several ways. When on tour, we aim to preserve and protect delicate ecosystems, wildlife and natural habitats by following strict rules that minimize the effects of our presence in an area,Our drivers are not allowed to off-road during game drives nor is the company allowed to take any extra charge from clients to organize off-road game drives apart from Photography and film making packages

2. We also reduce waste and pollution and recycle, repair and reuse what we can, both on tour and at our administrative offices.We recommend our clients not to print the itineraries but to try and use soft copies on their gargets we have invested more into cloud system of which enables us to reduce the amount of printing papers being used

3. Educating our customers about the benefits of travelling responsibly,clients will be provided with our responsible travel policies during their first group meeting, the two most key once are abstaining to Drug use and respecting country laws.

4. Learning about our influence and acting in consequence,we hope to do this by observing and recording the levels of impact we have on our destinations, of which we will provide our clients with evaluation forms of which will provide us with the statistics

5.Drinking water will be provided within the tour and clients we will provide clients with refillable water bottles that they can take home after the tour.

6.Our vehicles are 4 by 4 bio diesel land cruisers, the vehicles are always serviced and are installed with gauges that measure the level smoke produced by the vehicle depending on the level of fuel used by the car at certain points. The vehicles are also installed with speed limiters which help to regulate the speed and hence the level of fuel used


1.We promote our locals by ensuring the tour stays more on local communities, this will help in channeling income directly to the local people through use of local accommodations and home stays.

2.The reduction of the group size, also helps to reduce mass travel which may lead to degradation of culture

3.During our tours, apart from the briefing on the first day, the clients will have a daily brief in accordance with our next destination of visit and short lessons about the norms of the area.

4.We will provide clients with translated English to local language online documents that clients can be learning at their own time for use during local interactions

5.To support community growth, We do select our suppliers very discreetly, most of our accommodation employ local people and use locals as suppliers for most of the food stuffs. All our guides are from the local areas that we visit but will always have our designated driver who is also a local national

6.We highly advice the purchase of crafts from local people, most cultural homes and centers we visit, clients will have an opportunity to meet up with the local artisans and see how they make the various crafts.

7.We ensure that local economies benefit from our business by using locally-owned accommodation, employing local people as specialist guides, working with local operators and suppliers, sourcing food from locally-owned stores and eating and drinking in local bars and restaurants. In doing so, we are not only investing in local communities but also offering our travelers a genuine insight into a country and its people.
To ensure our wealth is distributed in a way that's beneficial to our staff, host communities, suppliers and key stakeholders, while achieving responsible and sustainable growth through better payment and training

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