Cultural and rural experience in Himalayan Kumaon valley

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Responsible tourism

Cultural and rural experience in Himalayan Kumaon valley

Carbon reduction

Your holiday will help support local people and conservation. We must also reduce CO2. Learn about the CO2 emissions of this holiday and how to reduce them.


1. The environmental responsibility in our tours start from the office where we do not use any physical print outs.
2. We have replaced use of disposable water bottles with reverse osmosis filter water bottles that can be reused and removes 99.9% harmful bacteria and virus
3. Most of your homestays in Himalayas will be partially or fully powered by solar panels thus saving on electricity. Electricity tariffs are higher in Himalayas due to the cost of extensive power network. Therefore it is cost effective and eco-friendly to use solar power for indoor and outdoor lighting.
4. The village accommodations use compost system to process the waste produced. Additionally, this compost is utilized in kitchen gardens and in farms of these houses itself
5. Our bird watching trails ensure that there is no impact on habitats by loud noise, colourful clothes or non-biodegradable waste left over in forest. We will provide you adequate instructions before starting the trail so that we do not affect the fauna
6. The raw material for meals is sourced from the farms owned by the community. This reduces cost of transportation and makes the vegetables fresh.
7. The transportation provided to you is compliant with BS-IV standard which is the highest standard of fuel emission in India
8. Your village accommodations Pithoragarh district are made of eco-friendly material for better temperature regulation


1. For activities like Jagar ritual and tour of traditional Kumaoni houses, we have involved members from the village who own these houses. This provides them extra income for maintenance of these houses and also helps in keeping traditional rituals alive over time
2. With respect to your tour, you will notice extensive involvement of village women in planning, managing, conducting hikes, and in cooking. This initiative is for women empowerment and in compliance with Goal No. 5 of United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals. The women have also been given formal training in safety measures during high altitude trekking. Homestays are run by women and are allocated on rotation basis. It gives equal opportunity to all through responsible tourism. And, since you will be living with the families itself there will be ample opportunities to interact thus creating mutual acceptance and respect
3. The storytelling element in our trips is introduced to provide you a deeper connect with the community and to form meaningful connections thus enriching both the traveller and the host
4. Uttarakhand is facing acute problem (bigger than any other state of India) of migration where young generation is moving to cities like Delhi for jobs. Entire villages have been left abandoned. It is also taking its toll on farms because there is no one to do farming. The tours of Uttarakhand are an initiative to provide an alternate occupation apart from seasonal farming to bring back the youth to their villages

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