Rwanda gorilla safaris

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Rwanda gorilla safaris


We're committed to sustainability, in the communities in which we operate and in the ecosystems we encounter. We seek to minimise the impact of our trips by minimising and properly disposing of waste create, on this trip, our clients must have refillable water bottles to reduce the amount of plastic bottles being used while on the trip, by conserving energy and water through continuous briefing to our clients when we get to the camps and hotels, and by ensuring that endangered wildlife and environmentally compromised areas are treated with respect by training our drivers on maintaining their distance while viewing animals and ensuring they follow the designated routes while doing their game drives

• Environmental training: all of our guides, employees and drivers are trained in principles of environmental sustainability and will offer travelers’ tips on how to conserve water, reduce waste and otherwise minimize the environmental impact of their trip. We hope that our travelers will be able to take some of the conservation tips they learn from our guide’s home with them.

• Environmentally-focused community development projects in Rwanda. the community development aspect of our trip is directly focused on improving the natural environment and human living conditions, we work with the acts of hope international that during this trip, the clients will be doing all the cultural tours with the cooperative hence providing income to the local communities around Musanze. These projects include planting trees and helping preserve endangered animals, birds and plant species, all this activities are done with the cooperative of women in Musanze

. $1500 in Rwanda that you pay for the gorilla tracking aspect is vital in government's conservation policies and it what is continuing to make the difference. So by paying the permit fee you're already helping to conserve these endangered primates also considering 10% of the permit fee goes to supporting communities living around the park

• Corporate recycling/energy policy: wherever possible our employees use recycled paper and recycle waste created in the office, as well as attempting to minimize waste created and be a “paper less” office. We also work to minimize energy and water consumption in our offices, and we encourage our partners to follow similar waste management


In addition, a portion of each traveller’s trip cost goes to support the development project for that trip. For instance, where our travellers are painting a classroom at an orphanage, the cost of the materials required is included in the trip cost.

In other areas, the trip cost includes a donation to the charity supported by that trip. Our development projects are carefully selected in conjunction with local charities and other organisations to ensure that our travellers’ work will be of maximum benefit to the local community

. We will give 10% of any profit we get from this trip to new medical Clinic that we have been helping to set up.

we work with the Acts of hope, A cooperative of women around Musanze and all our cultural activities are being run by them, hence promoting direct income generation to the community.

on the 3rd day of this tour, clients will have an opportunity of spending most of the day with the local people, they have a chance to be involved in various cultural activities and also purchase some of the baskets made by the women in the cooperative. The charges for the activities goes directly into the womens cooperative.

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