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13 May 2018
US $ 2600
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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: LGBT Morocco tour


During your trek across the mountains and deserts of Morocco, you will have the chance to encounter various flora and fauna unique to this country, especially while staying in the luxury desert camp and camel trekking in the Sahara. Our expert local guide will give you all of the information needed to interact safely and humanely with wildlife that you may run into during your travels, which may include and are not limited to Cuvier's gazelles, various lizards and jerboas.

A lot of natural environments will be visited on this trip, so we always advise our travelers to be mindful of how much plastic is used and thrown away. We always recommend that our travelers buy larger jugs of water with which to fill their personal water bottles rather than frequently buying small individual plastic bottles in order to reduce the amount of plastic waste created. Similarly, we suggest that you put purchases in your day pack if possible rather than using a plastic bag every time. Every little bit helps!

In terms of water and energy consumption, we ask that travelers be conscious of Morocco's limited renewable water resources and take care not to indulge in unreasonably long showers. We also ask that travelers be aware of their energy consumption by doing little things that can make a big impact if enough individuals participate, such as turning off unused lights, running the air conditioning only when needed, etc.

When choosing all of the activities on this trip, we were adamant about choosing suppliers that have the environment and well-being if the wildlife, plant and animal, of the locality in mind. We prefer local suppliers that have the maintenance and continuity of their homeland in mind and we avoid working with anyone that exploits people or animals. Don't worry though, these will not detract from any of the fun and amazing experiences that you will have on this epic adventures!


All of our local guides and drivers know the best places and things to do in Morocco. They are your insight into everyday life as well as history and culture. They will always point you in the right direction of their favorite restaurants, sites and activities with your interest in mind. We also consider it of utmost importance to compensate all local suppliers and guides fairly and generously according to the local standard of living. We want our guides to be happy and healthy so that they can be in good condition to show you the best that their country has to offer.

We will also only select locally owned and run places of business and accommodation for our travelers to stay in. We avoid large scale international chains at all costs. We think that this is one of the best ways to support local communities and economies and to have a more authentic experience as well as to learn what real life is like in Morocco.

Our tour in Morocco will explore local communities as well as enterprises in order to fuel the economy and help local business owners. We will visit a locally owned and operated rose water factory that has been around for quite a while in which you can learn about the process of how essential oils are withdrawn from the flowers and their importance in the culture.

This trip will be an excellent opportunity to learn about different ways in which people in Morocco live and thrive in sometimes harsh environments. You will have the chance to meet and have tea with nomadic families to learn about who they are, their every day lives, and their culture. We always encourage positive cultural exchange and try to give our travelers as many chances for this as possible.

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